When you try to find the best Roomba for pet hair there is one thing for sure your pet is losing hair all over the place!

When you are surrounded by pet hair, maybe it’s time to get a robot vacuum. These automated cleaners can be set to work using a schedule so the one thing you need to do is empty the bin occasionally.

The only problem is which one to get!

The variety of Roombas on the market has exploded over the past few years, as has the number of features they offer. In our tests, we learned that dealing with pet hair is about three things: navigation, agitation, and power. The best Roomba vacuums can find their way around a room, root pet hair out of carpet fibers, and vacuum it up. If you are looking for the best Roomba for pet hair, these are the vacuums you should consider.

What is the best Roomba for pet hair?

Lest be honest as much as you can love your pets, you most likely hate their hair. Getting rid of this fur Cleaning can be an annoying task and more since most vacuum cleaners are specially designed for vacuuming dust and any type of dirt. Having said that, iRobot has made our existence easier with their Roomba Pet Series. These are Roomba vacuum cleaners that are specifically created for pet hair cleaning.

Top 5 Best Roomba Robot for Pet Reviews 2020

Today, we are going to review the top 5 Best Roomba for Pet Hair. We will discuss some few notable features of each and then in detail later on this article but we will start with a table that has the most significant features so you have a clear view on the different Roomba models that will get rid of those annoying hairs.

Roomba Model Cleaning Syst Wi-Fi Support Self-charging Rating
         Roomba 595

iRobot Roomba 595 Vacuum Cleaning Robot




No Yes 4.7/5
          Roomba 650




No Yes 4.8/5
          Roomba 770

iRobot Roomba 770 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner




No Yes 4.7/5
         Roomba 870





No Yes 4.9/5
        Roomba 980 





Yes Yes 5/5

Buying Guide – What You Need to know?

As you now are enlightened with regards to the best Roombas for pet hair cleaning, we know it’s still a trouble deciding on the Roomba you will buy for your pets. It is actually in our interest that you choose the right vacuum which will work for you without squeezing your bank account.

This is a buying guide for pet hair vacuum cleaners. Now we have outlined some certainly key elements that you should think about prior to buying any vacuum for pet hair. First of all, let’s take a look at what makes a good vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

What is the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair?

Initially, an excellent vacuum for pet hair needs to certainly manage to clean all of your pet’s hair, fur, and dander. The strength of a pet hair carpet cleaner can vary based on its cleaning system as well as the features required for extensive vacuuming of pet hair.

Secondly, an excellent pet hair vacuum needs to be friendly for your pets. There are lots of cases of clients complaining that the cleaners scare their pets. Even worse, these animals feel intimidated and then try to fight the cleaners. This may turn out on a sad note in particular when you’re not around.

Other factors like usefulness features, maintenance, durability and simplicity of use also matter. With that said, let’s now talk about the factors that you should think about before investing in a vacuum for pet hair.

1. Price

Price is the first in the list an for obvious reasons, this is the cornerstone of the purchasing process and makes part of the first and last impression before we can decide. If you were already checking for vacuums on the market, you probably realized that there’s something for everyone. You will find low-budget vacuum cleaners to high-end vacuum cleaners.

The biggest thing in price is establishing your budget range. This is very important since it narrows you down to vacs that match your budget. For instance, in case your budget is around $300, there’ll be no need for you to waste time on high-end vacs that cost $800 and above. By narrowing down to your budget, you will get enough time to get the best choice of the preferred Roomba

The following situation in pricing is determining if you are getting value for your money. Several Roombas have very high prices and maybe the features don’t meet your needs. Because of this, do a little browsing evaluating the features available for different prices. This will guide your expectations on the features to expect for every price range. Ultimately, it will be easy to settle down on a Roomba that will provide you with value for your money.

Having said that, it will always be worth noting that the higher the price, the better the features and therefore, overall performance. This is actually the common assumption in the entire retail industry. Keep in mind that cheap is expensive. So, don’t be the type that always gets attracted to cheap stuff!

2. Floor Type and Size

The type of your floor, as well as size, is also essential when looking for vacuums for pet hair. For the reason, that different houses have various floor sizes and types. There are hardwood floors, tile, linoleum and carpet floors. Also, different house have varying sizes.

When it comes to floor type, be sure you get a vacuum that works best on all floor types. If you move out of your apartment to a new one which has a different floor, do you want to buy yet another cleaner? For most vacuums, it is usually an easy task on tile and linoleum floors.

On hardwood floors, the job is pretty difficult simply because pet hair and fur have a tendency to tangle between the wood planks. With carpet floors, a vacuum cleaner with special features for carpets like Carpet Boost is definitely the most effective!

In terms of size, be sure you get a cleaner that meets your floor size when it comes to cleaning area. Here, the key thing to consider is battery life. If you live in an average-sized house, that’s not a problem. On the other hand, if your home is big, get yourself a vacuum which includes extended run time to ensure it completes cleaning faster without interruptions because of low battery.

3. Action on Pet Hair

While price is crucial, the intention of the product you’re buying is the vital thing. In our situation, we’re choosing a vacuum for pet hair. That is why it is essential to make sure that the Machine you’re buying fits the main role; pet hair cleaning.

Although all vacuums can at least clean pet hair, the important question is how efficient are they. Pet hair can be very stressing, so what about having an ineffective vacuum cleaner.

In the current marketplace, there are specifically created vacuums that are designed for pet hair cleaning. These vacs are actually designed with special features to accomplish the picking and sucking of pet hair.

One of the features that assist in picking up of pet hair include rotating and counter-rotating brushes, anti-tangling systems, powerful suction power and large bins. Possibly the most crucial feature may be the filter type. The filter needs to be extremely powerful in filtering even tiniest particles like pet hair, fur, allergens, and dander. Be sure that the vacuum you’ve settled for is recommended for pet hair cleaning and it has these features among others.

4. Maintenance

The maintenance of devices is essential, pet hair vacuums aren’t any different. Because basic vacuum cleaners might require little if any maintenance at all, pet hair vacuum cleaners are maintenance intensive.

With lots of pet hair cleaners, hair tangling is really a major problem. You will find that this kind of vacuums get stuck when pet hair tangles the brushes or even the wheels. The good news is, there are many vacuums that include anti-tangle extractors and big wheels. This minimizes the necessity for you to come and free the robot vacuum when it gets stuck.

5. Navigation and Maneuverability

Navigation and maneuverability are focused on the way the cleaner moves and how it can reach tough to achieve areas.

In regards to navigation, it is essential that you select a vacuum cleaner which has an accurate and sophisticated navigation system. This helps it move easily and most importantly, plan its cleaning pattern for a comprehensive and methodical cleaning.

However, maneuverability is majorly focused on the design. An excellent vacuum for pet hair must have a low-profile design to make sure it moves its way in hard to reach areas. These are typically places that pets love to rest. In these areas, they shed far more hair, therefore, it is essential that the vac cleans these areas. Also, fur and pet hair being light, they’re swept below furniture, beds, kickstands along with other household furniture.

Despite the fact that these are the basic key things to consider for pet hair, additional factors considered when selecting vacuums in general also count. Additional factors include things like; scheduling, boundary marking, docking, Wi-Fi and others.

Now that you’ve got a good idea on things to look for in the best vacuum cleaner for pets, it’s time you make a good choice that won’t compromise on your budget and most importantly, cleaning needs.

Latest Roomba News

iRobot’s latest robot vacuums, the Roomba 890 as well as the Roomba 690, both are connected to Wi-Fi, to ensure that owners can manage them using their Android or iOS devices to schedule cleanings or start and stop the vacuums. In the past, this feature had only been supplied by its top-of-the-line Roomba 980. The Roomba 690, that is the successor to the Roomba 650, starts $375.

In addition, all Wi-Fi-connected Roombas are suitable for Alexa and Google Home (in the U.S. only), in order that customers can start and stop cleanings using Amazon’s or Google’s voice assistant. Other commands include things like requesting the status of your Roomba, locating the vacuum, and telling the vacuum to go back to its dock. The Roomba app will even allow you to control multiple vacuums, although you will need to give them different names.

These robot helpers will do the work for you while you are away at work.

All these have scheduling features that allow you to set a time of the day that they’ll automatically clean your home. And help you keep up with the pet hair shed by your pets.

Without further ado, here are the 5 best Roombas vacuums for pet hair for hardwood or carpet.

Best Roomba for Pet Hair – Review

1. Roomba 595 – Smart Choice

best-Roomba-for-pet-iRobot-Roomba-595-bestvacuumlab.comThe Roomba 595 is an old model of the famous iRobot Roomba Pet Series. This excellent traditional model was the preferred for a few years but with the arrival of the 800 and 900 series is no longer number one!. Besides that, this is a great and affordable vacuum cleaner for pet hair cleaning. 

Besides being an old Roomba model this robot is a top performer as far as pet hair cleaning is concerned. This cleaner competes favorably with some of the latest models in the Roomba series. Let’s see what it’s got.

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The Roomba 595 does the vacuum cleaning for you. Featuring its trademarked three-stage cleaning system, Roomba gets rid of dirt, pet hair and a lot more while automatically adjusting to clean carpets, hardwood, tile and linoleum floors as it moves through your home. In addition, provides an improved benefit; all you need to preserve Roomba is already in the box including extra AeroVac filters, brushes, and cleaning tools.

This model was created with the different floor types under consideration. It can handle just any floor type by adjusting to the floor’s cleaning requirements. This cleaner can clean hardwood, linoleum, tiled as well as carpet floors. Its action on hardwood floors is definitely worth mentioning. It will make sure all of the pet hair tangled between your wooden planks is removed completely.

In terms of navigation, it uses the native iAdapt Navigation which has sensors which guide the vacuum cleaner around your home. This system, on the other hand, isn’t as sophisticated as the ones in the 800 and 900 series. Bearing this in mind, the 595 does not utilize any methodical or elaborate cleaning pattern. Because of this, it might leave some areas untouched. However, with pet hair, its suction power makes sure that it pulls all pet hair in its path or nearby.

For your benefit, the 595 provides the popular self-charging feature. In the event it has no charge for cleaning, it’s going to find its way to the charging base. After recharging, it will then get back to continue cleaning.

In case you are concerned about certain areas in which you would not like your Roomba to reach, don’t worry about it, the 595 has got you covered. It includes Virtual Walls, something which makes it outstanding for such an old model of the Roomba.The kit is simple to setup and definitely will completely restrain the Roomba from reaching specific areas.


  • iAdapt Navigation uses a full suite of sensors to navigate and adapt to your changing home
  • 3-Stage Cleaning System agitates, brushes and suctions floors
  • Conveniently schedule up to 7x per week, or just press CLEAN on the robot

2. Roomba 650 –  Best for Budget

best-Roomba-for-pet-iRobot-Roomba-650-bestvacuumlab.comIn case you are on a budget and you need a vacuum for general home cleaning at the same time a pet hair removal, the Roomba 650 is a superb choice. This vacuum features an outstanding cleaning system that ensures detailed cleaning of dirt, dust and pet hair. In addition to, it cleans all surfaces which makes it a really flexible vacuum.

Below are the best reasons that make this Roomba great for pet hair.

Initially, it has a low profile design. Like everyone knows, most pets like relaxing below furniture along with other tough to reach areas. Because of this, a very good vacuum must be able to move around to these areas without problems. Standing at only 3.6-inches high, that is precisely what the Roomba 650 does.

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In terms of flexibility, this Roomba is probably the best you can find. We tested on different types of floors including hardwood, linoleum and both thin and thick carpet floors. Its performance on all these surfaces was impressive. It is really a guarantee that it is able to get all pet hair on your floors.

One more big plus with the Roomba 650 is definitely the effective 3-stage cleaning system that agitates, brushes and suctions dirt, debris and pet hair. AeroVac filters, alternatively, make sure the tiniest debris, including pet hair, are filtered into the dirt bin. The sides brush sweeps all pet hair in front of the cleaner in order that they could possibly be suctioned inside the bin. Additionally, it has dust sensors to get a detailed cleaning. The dirt bin is quite large. Having a capacity of .48L, it will require much less emptying.

With regards to navigation, this vacuum is not the best. Unlike the Roomba 870 that is fantastic for high traffic rooms, the 650 had trouble with navigation. On the other hand, with lesser traffic, it can get around without problems, cleaning every one of the places in no time.

On the whole, however, it’s still able to move around your home collecting pet hair.

For consumer comfort, the Roomba 650 features a strong NiMH battery that lasted for about 72 min’s. Although charging time is a little bit over Three hours, its general performance is remarkable. After the vacuum registers low charge, it is going right to your home base for charging. After that, it’s going to continue cleaning from where it left.


  • iAdapt Navigation uses a full suite of sensors to navigate and adapt to your changing home
  • 3-Stage Cleaning System agitates, brushes and suctions floors
  • Conveniently schedule up to 7x per week, or just press CLEAN on the robot
  • Automatically docks and recharges
  • Automatically adjusts to all floor types – carpet, tile, hardwood, laminate & more

Other features in this vacuum cleaner include; Virtual Wall barriers, Schedule cleaning, Cliff detection sensors and a 1-year warranty.

3. Roomba 770 – Best for Dog Hair

best-Roomba-for-pet-iRobot-Roomba-770-bestvacuumlab.comThe Roomba 770 is the best opponent of pet hair and allergens. Actually, most review sites hype it as being the top vacuum for pet owners and people with allergy symptoms. And the reality is the most effective to get rid of fur, hair, dander as well as allergens like pollen.

This robot vacuum is extremely good for a variety of surfaces. Contrary to several vacuums that present a diverse effectiveness on different floors, the 770 operates beautifully on hardwood floors, tile, and carpet floors. On hardwood and carpets, it managed to get rid of stuck hair thanks to its high suction power.

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One more reason why the Roomba 770 is our very best choice for pet hair is the AeroForce 3-stage cleaning system backed up by AeroVAc Series 2 Technology. Alternatively, the DUAL HEPA filters make sure that even the tiniest dirt and dust are filtered into the bean leaving your home sparkling clean by not permitting recirculation inside the room. This system ensures efficient elimination of all pet hair, pet dander, dust, allergens, and pollen. This makes it not simply great for pet owners but also for allergy patients.

With regards to navigation, its performance is adequate. The iAdapt Navigation system has been completely improved to guide the Roomba when at work. It cleans in an elaborate pattern, therefore, making sure no place remains untouched. In addition, the methodical approach assists the vacuum complete cleaning very quickly since the cleaning is correctly planned in accordance with your room’s layout.

If you would like all rooms cleaned at a go, it will be possible using the 770. It gives you both single and multi-room cleaning. For individual room cleaning, you are able to set up Virtual Walls and block the door. After it concludes, you now take it to another room. If you would like multi-room cleaning, just keep the doors open and it will do the job.


  • iAdapt Navigation uses a full suite of sensors to navigate and adapt to your changing home
  • 3-Stage Cleaning System agitates, brushes and suctions floors
  • Dirt Detect Series II identifies dirtier areas and focuses cleaning where it’s needed most
  • Conveniently schedule up to 7x per week, or just press CLEAN on the robot
  • Automatically dock and recharges, adjust to all floor types

4. Roomba 870 – Most Reliable

best-Roomba-for-pet-iRobot-Roomba-870-bestvacuumlab.comOne more great Roomba vacuum for pets will be the Roomba 870. Though it may be considered expensive just like the 980, it gives you great value for money, particularly for pet owners. It provides outstanding household cleaning and sucks pet hair like there’s no tomorrow

The Roomba 870 is famous for its efficient pet hair suction along with allergens.Is fantastic for cleaning any floor type.We used it on hardwood, linoleum, tile and carpet floors and the results were remarkable. However, its efficiency on carpets wasn’t so good, particularly thick carpet floors. Having said that, for those who have thin carpet floors, will still be an excellent purchase.

The Dual HEPA filter system is the best of all. These filters make the Roomba 870 perfect for pet hair cleaning. It guarantees even the tiniest debris are filtered out, pet hair is no exception. These filters also filter allergens and pollen leaving your home with fresh air.

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One more great feature which makes it a fantastic vacuum is the Dirt Detection Series II. This system utilizes acoustic and to identify where there is more dust including hairs and pet fur.

In terms of navigation, the Roomba 870 utilizes the favorite iAdapt Navigation that guarantees sleek movement at your house. Most of all, it cleans in a methodical pattern making sure every area in your home is cleaned. Above all, it guides the Roomba to places that pets love to hide like beneath furniture, kickstands and under sofas.

To ensure that starts and finish the task cleaning the Roomba 870 comes with a high-performance iRobot XLife Extended Life Battery that provides twice as many cleaning cycles than regular Roombas. In case its charge goes down prior to completing cleaning, it’s going to automatically head over to Home Base for recharging. After that, it’s going to continue cleaning autonomously.

When it comes to convenience, the Roomba 870 is second to none. Even though it is not Wi-Fi enabled, it arrives with a remote control for easy operation. Using this remote, you are able to issue commands to the Roomba from a distance of up to 13-feet. An additional comfort feature will be the Virtual Walls. With Virtual Walls, you are able to restrict the 870 from accessing particular areas at your house.


  • iAdapt Navigation uses a full suite of sensors to navigate and adapt to your changing home
  • AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System delivers up to 50% more cleaning performance
  • Tangle-free extractors help prevent hair and debris clogs
  • AeroForce High-Efficiency Filter traps fine dirt and dust
  • Conveniently schedule up to 7x per week, or just press CLEAN on the robot

5. Roomba 980 – Best Overall

best-Roomba-for-pet-iRobot-Roomba-980-bestvacuumlab.comThe Roomba 980 is the final pick but is actually our first choice, this is the best of the Roomba models for pets hair hands down. Being the latest and most sophisticated robotic vacuum cleaner in the Roomba Series. It features a super efficient cleaning system and a precise navigation system.

First and foremost, it’s been optimized for pet hair cleaning along with deep carpet cleaning. This vacuum is the best for general home cleaning along with pet hair cleaning for this reason we pick this one as the Best Overall

Check today’s price and reviews on Amazon

The reality is that most pet fur hides in areas beyond your reach like under sofas and deep corners.This model design allows it to access these hard-to-reach places for extensive vacuum cleaning. So, in case your pet enjoys to idle below furniture, don’t worry about it, the 980 will get there.

Besides, it’s been specially built to match all floors. So no matter your floor type, this vacuum will do the work. Up to now, we understand it adjusts itself automatically and can clean hardwood, tile, laminate and carpet floors. For those who have carpet floors, then the 980 is easily the most suitable Roomba to suit your needs. It has the Carpet Boost mode that provides 10x the air power in normal vacs. This will suck all the hair and fur that hides deep inside carpets.

In terms of cleaning, the 980 has the AeroForce 3-stage cleaning system which is extremely effective for the whole house cleaning. The multiple cleaning modes also serve different cleaning needs. Apart from providing extensive cleaning of debris and dirt, the AeroForce High-Efficiency Filters has the strength of filtering out 99% of allergens and pollen that come with pet hair.

Regarding navigation, this vacuum features an outstanding navigation system that guarantees entire level cleaning. It has the advanced iAdapt 2. Navigation with Visual Localization. This helps it plan its cleaning pattern for a methodical cleaning to ensure no area remains untouched, particularly together walls sides and deep corners.

One more reason why we believe the Roomba 980 is the best for pet hair cleaning will be the prolonged run time. It features a powerful Li-Ion battery that can power the vac for an awesome 2 hours. This helps to ensure that for each scheduled cleaning, it’s going to vacuum your whole home without necessarily needing charging.

Finally, it provides outstanding comfort. First, you are able to schedule it to get started on cleaning at your preferred time. Which means you do not have to be around for it to clean your home. Our recommendation is that you schedule it just after your pets’ typical playtime considering that during this time period, they shed a lot of hair and fur.


  • Robot HOME App lets you clean, schedule, & customize cleaning preferences from your smartphone; compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant
  • Cleans an entire level of your home with iAdapt 2.0 Navigation with Visual Localization
  • Runs for up to 120 minutes, then automatically recharges and resumes cleaning to complete the entire job
  • AeroForce Cleaning System with Power Boost loosens, lifts & suctions dirt with up to 10x more air power, patented tangle-free brushes handle pet hair with ease

Other features that make the 980 a cut above the rest is Virtual Walls, Wi-Fi connectivity, and Voice-Activated Control.

Tips On Using a Roomba

Due to the fact robot cleaners are costly people assume it has the intelligence to complete the cleaning on their behalf. The truth is while robots have developed and clean much better than before, it will not be as smart as humans when it comes to obstacle avoidance.

Allowing a robot run in a room with wires, scattered toys and junk everywhere can be a recipe for disaster.

So here are some tips to maximize it.

Remove or tidy up wires

In case there are any cables lying down on the ground, odds are it will stop the robots in its tracks. So prior to running any robot be sure to tidy them up or even better have them out of the way.

Clean area rugs separately

For those who have rugs all over, it will be recommended that you clean it separately. Roombas are susceptible to light area rugs with tassels on the sides. These loose bits of thread can wrap up around the side brush or brush roll.

Really the only exception for not taking away area rugs is where it is heavy plus it doesn’t have any tassels on the sides.

Take the chairs

Robots will go around chairs but the main problem is these may reduce effectiveness. In some instances, the robot traps itself around the legs. So the best solution for this issue would be removing the chairs.

It doesn’t take long and the rewards far outweigh the benefits of a cleaner floor and more efficient robot.


These are the 5 best Roomba vacuums that’ll help you clean pet hair so it doesn’t pile up on the carpet.

Now that you understand the best Roomba vacuums for pet hair, it’s time for you to make your choice on which one to go for.

There are many points you will have to think about although. If you currently have an over-all household vacuum with unimpressive pet hair cleaning performance, there’s no need to get a high-end Roomba for pet hair.

Just get yourself a low-budget Roomba vacuum and it also will do the job. However, in the event you completely do not have a vacuum, it is advisable if you opt for a high performer which will double up as your general house cleaner as well as a pet hair cleaner!