These Vacuums under a $100 Sucks!… and that’s why we Like Them!

If you were already checking for a good cheap vacuum cleaner under $100, you may be amazed at what the market has to offer. Maybe you are enthusiastic about the pile, a fan for flooring, or maybe a little of both, you have come to the right place to find your dream vacuum machine!.

Of course, we already know that you need the best vacuum, that also saves time and energy during cleaning. And you don’t wanna spend $500 on a Miele or Dyson model.

If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll know the struggle of trying to find an inexpensive vacuum that isn’t junky!

Are you in a hurry? Check our top 3 picks!

Best Handheld

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Black & Decker

The Black & Decker 20V MAX Lithium Pivot handheld vacuum features a unique nozzle that makes it especially useful for the top task of all handheld vacuum cleaners – odd jobs that traditional uprights just can’t handle.

What makes the nozzle unique is that it rotates while maintaining suction so you don’t lose time stopping to reposition. You can point it at a specific mess in a hard-to-reach spot and keep going. This hand vacuum also stands out for its three-stage filter that prevents it from clogging and keeps your home’s air clean.

It also comes with an onboard crevice tool and brush that are always at hand to tackle any mess, while a distinctive pivoting nose feature enables easy cleaning for all those hard to reach areas, such as under cupboards, above tall shelves, and in between couch cushions. Simply place the Pivot in its stand to charge.

Best Stick Vacuum

Shark Navigator

The Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106 is a cordless, bag-free powerhouse, with an extra large, easy-empty dust cup and washable filter. The vacuum is built to maneuver into and out of tight places and has a charge that lasts about 15 minutes. Weighing in at just an ounce over 10 pounds, the vacuum is shipped with a docking station and no attachments.

Consumers high recommend this and loved how it cleans pet hairs on bare floor and carpet, that’s because it is equipped with a motorized brush roll that can be removed for easy cleaning.

One unique feature it has is the footswitch that you may or may not like. It has two settings – bare floor and carpet. If you use the bare floor setting, it will run for about 17 minutes.

Features a 2-speed brushroll for optimal carpet and bare floor cleaning and pet hair pickup. The XL-capacity dust cup is easy to empty.

Best Upright


Currently, the best-selling upright on Amazon, the BISSELL 9595A also manages to hold a 4.5 rating among users—unusually high for a budget vacuum.The 9595A was not specifically designed to be a pet vacuum, but pet owner reviewers say this model does a great job on pet hair.

Unlike other vacuums that require you to go over the same floor area multiple times before they vacuum up all of the debris, the BISSELL CleanView Upright Vacuum is engineered with OnePass Technology that has powerful suction plus an innovative brush design that cleans on the initial pass

The 9595 is a bagless, inexpensive, and lightweight vacuum that features BISSELL “OnePass” technology—a unique deep cleaning brush designed to clean the carpet underneath with a single pass. It also features cyclonic vacuum technology for improved, long lasting suction.

Best Vacuum Cleaner Under $100

Let’s be clear here!. Out there, exists a variety of the best cheap vacuum cleaners on the market which comes with different features and configurations.

Handheld models, canister models, upright models and much more fill the market.

All of these models come with different features and capabilities. Some are corded while others are cordless vacuum cleaner.

If you need a vacuum cleaner on a limited budget, you may end up discouraged and frustrated.

Indeed, many people think it is impossible to find a quality product under $100. At the same time, not too many people want to spend a lot of money on a vacuum cleaner. And the reality is that you shouldn’t. Even on a tight budget, you can find inexpensive options that provide great cleaning capabilities.

Picking an affordable and, at the same time, a quality vacuum cleaner is just not easy as some would believe. Therefore we have gone ahead and put together this Review for you! The list below includes the very best affordable vacuums which are sorted into several categories to match diverse needs and budgets.

Best Vacuum Under 100 Table

Name of VacuumCordBagged/ BaglessFiltrationRating
VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 Corded
Resultado de imagen de VonHaus 600W
19.5-foot power cordBagged (1.2 liters)HEPA and Sponge Filtration4/5
BISSELL CleanView Bagless
25-foot power cordBagless ( 2.27 liter)Multi-level filtration 4.2/5
BISSELL 9595 Vacuum with OnePass
25-foot power cordBaglessDual filtration 4.4/5
Hoover Vacuum Cleaner UH70801PC


25-foot power cordBagless (XL dirt cup)Dual cyclonic filtration 4.2/5
Black & Decker Hand Vaccum


CordlessBagless3-stage filtration system 4.6/5
Shark Navigator Stick Vacuum


CordlessXL-capacity dustMulti-level filtration 4.7/5


15-foot power cordBaglessThree-Stage Filtration 4.3/5

What To Consider Before Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

Prior to getting any kind of product, there are always several things that you should examine and without looking at these factors you are going to truly regret after buying.

You need to always take into account these below points before buying the vacuum cleaner even if it’s cheap or expensive. Always remember to look for features as well as your individual needs prior to buying any home appliance.

  • Suction power. Low-quality vacuums often have poor suction. Fortunately, improvements in motor technology mean there are machines available for less than £100 with strong suction power.
  • Dust capacity. Cheap vacuums with a small dust container need to be emptied regularly – especially if the model has strong suction. If you want to minimise how often you need to empty your appliance, look for a model with a large capacity.
  • Filtration system. HEPA filters remove over 99% of dust particles and bacteria from exhaust air, which is vital if you suffer from allergies. However, buying a model with a HEPA filter (or buying a filter separately) can add to the cost. If a vac doesn’t come with a washable filter, you’ll need to purchase replacements.
  • Bagged or Bagless. Bagless models have become very common in recent years, but that doesn’t mean they are always the best option – especially if you suffer from allergies. However, buying bags can add to the lifetime cost of the vacuum.
  • Attachments. Cheaper vacuums often only come with basic tools – or sometimes no tools at all. If you’re looking for a model with a motorized hand tool, for example, you may need to go above the £100 limit.
  • Size depending the size of your home as every vacuum comes with different features and if you have a big house then you really need a vacuum cleaner which comes really powerful suction.
  • Cord Length you should always check for the cord length and if you are going to buy cordless then check the battery life and durable battery.
  • Vacuum Type. As before buying check is it a canister type or upright. And if you can’t clean by bending then you can select upright otherwise go with other types.
  • LONG WARRANTIES Many companies offer warranties for most of their vacuum cleaner. However, it is very crucial to investigate the warranty on what it covers and for how long. A good warranty is not less than two years from the date of purchase.
  • Reviews Last but not least always check the reviews by other customers as it really helps to get the rough idea how the product works. However, product not always work same for everyone but still 70% off reviews will help you to choose the best vacuum for your house.

Where to Buy the Best Vacuum Under $100?

By now, you must have already had a picture of which vacuum cleaner you want to buy. It is time to look at some of the best places that offer great discounts and value to their customers.


The benefit of buying a vacuum cleaner from a store is that you have to inspect it personally and see what it can do. Some of the best stores to buy from include:



Buying a vacuum cleaner on an online store is the easiest thing ever. All you have to do is visit any online store like and you will get it delivered at your home!


At this point, you’ve probably fully understood what you should look in the best vacuum under $100. Remember that the very best vacuum under $100 for you needs to be the one that delivers the features and capabilities that will make your life easier, making your daily, weekly or monthly cleaning operations far more convenient.

Before you go for a corded or a cordless vac, make sure that it fits your pockets and also offers utmost convenience to you as an owner.

Now you know some of the best options for keeping your house squeaky clean, whether your budget is $50, $75, or $100. We hope that this article has helped you make an informed decision on purchasing your next cheap vacuum cleaner. You should have no problem keeping your house tidy with one of these handy appliances!