When you start to look for the best vacuum under 200 you discover that there’s a lot of options available, and this can get a little tricky, with all the different models and features available. There’s a good thing though unlike our Vacuums for Under $100 guide, it’s possible to buy a model with a strong all-around performance at this price range. Keep reading and find out the best models and features to get the best vacuum to suit all your vacuum needs

Is it Possible to Get a Real Best Vacuum Under 200?

For $200, a lot of people feel that the very best vacuum is not going to be available, you want a powerful vac that can take care of your different floors types, or can get to those tough to reach places. But worry no more! below you will find the real best vacuum for less than 200 dollars, we research the market and make sure that you will get the best features for the different needs that you can have at your home without the need of expending $500.

Best Vacuum Under 200 Table

Name Description Weight Price Rating
    Shark Navigator

Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright Vacuum, Champagne (NV42)



20.3 lbs Check on


         Hoover Linx




10 lbs Check on


 Oreck Commercial 

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS XL Commercial Upright Vacuum,120 V, Gray/Blue, 12 1/2 x 9 1/4 x 47 3/4




8.2 lbs Check on


   Hoover SH40070






Check on








Check on



Vacuum cleaners vary in price from less than $50 right up to $500+ for the most expensive robotic models. For the majority of duties, however, a cleaner in the $100-$200 range is far more than enough. The most effective models offer robust suction power, a number of add-ons, fairly large dust capacity and a variety of other helpful features.

However, there are a few trade-offs when buying a product from the $100-$200 range in comparison to vacuums priced at $500+, even though these sacrifices are not as extreme as cheaper versions. While it’s true that a higher price does not generally mean higher quality, the superior models out there usually have stronger suction power along with a more diverse selection of tools (usually together with motorized hand tools). So you should be clear regarding your particular needs before you begin browsing.

Don’t let that put you off though. Here you will find some fantastic models available for under $200 – and the best options can match vacuums that are considerably more expensive in terms of performance.

To help you make the best decision, we’ve listed our five best vacuums cleaners for under $200 below. We select different types of vacuum for your different needs, so the right choice will depend upon your requirements. All five have received excellent reviews from buyers and provide great value for money.

Best Vacuum Under 200 Review

1. Shark Navigator Deluxe (NV42)

Shark’s Navigator Deluxe vacuum is ranked as the best vacuum under $200. The machine provides the most robust suction power and therefore well capable of pick everything up from every surface in your house.

This vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a bag, however, the dust-up carries a big capacity, therefore you won’t have to empty it constantly. This device is additionally practical and does not require that you waste your time and energy on complex maintenance.

Although the Shark’s Navigator Deluxe doesn’t look like a lightweight vacuum, you can be sure it really is. That along with its maneuverability allow you to vacuum everywhere in your house with no trouble. There won’t be any obstacles in your house that are unconquerable with this machine.

Shark’s Navigator Deluxe incorporates convenient add-ons like furniture tools, crevice tools, and dusting brushes. Using this appliance, cleaning and vacuuming will be performed easily, particularly with the various accessories created to suit every part of your house.

This product can vacuum carpets and hardwood floors. Unlike a lot of other vacuums, this particular one won’t damage your hardwood flooring. Additionally it is very functional in terms of picking up cat and dog hair. The powerful suction is the feature that consumers love the most about the Navigator Deluxe.

Consumers that have tried out the product are also amazed by the fact that the vacuum does exactly what the instructions claim it should do. For this reason, if you are searching to get a useful and effective vacuum under $200, Shark’s Navigator Deluxe should be one of your top choices.

2. Hoover Linx Cordless BH50010

The Hoover’s Linx Cordless vacuum carries a futuristic design and looks smooth and sophisticated. It’s cordless, which enables you to achieve every part of your house; there won’t be any limitations using this product, in contrast to corded vacuums.

This vacuum does not have a bag and is also really low maintenance. It is upright, with a long handle. The handle can be adjusted so you are able to adapt its height based to your needs.

As being a cordless appliance, battery lifespan is extremely important. Fortunately, you do not need to worry about the battery when it comes to Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner; the battery is long lasting, and you will not end up in need of charging it all the time.

The suction power of the Linx vacuum is robust. The machine also includes different tools which allow you to vacuum corners and difficult to achieve spots. The simplicity continues with an additional feature; a single push of a button converts the Linx’s from vacuuming carpets to vacuuming floors.

Reviews of this product are positive. Consumers are amazed by its durability, functionality, and performance.

If you’re looking to get a well-designed vacuum that has a powerful suction, ways for vacuuming diverse areas (tiles, floors, carpets) as well as a capability to move all over the place the Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is your best choice.

3.Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS

If you would like to have an very affordable vacuum for your carpets, this Oreck model may be the one for you. It comes with a powerful suction which allows it to pick everything up from all kinds of carpets, leaving them debris and dust totally free.

This vacuum is a lot more useful for vacuuming carpets than other vacuums. Also, it doesn’t take up much space for storage since it is very compact and lightweight.

For the most practical use, this vacuum cleaner features an on and off switch situated on the handle, which explains why Oreck’s Commercial vacuum received Ease-Of-Use recommendation from the Arthritis Foundation. Its convenience is the reason why elderly people are able to use it easily.

Oreck’s vacuum can automatically change into vacuuming hardwood floors mode. That’s why this device is multi-practical and why it will make a perfect option for every household.

Additionally, its maneuverability is great helping you to vacuum around furniture effortlessly. On the other hand, consumers who have bought it report that it doesn’t work effectively around corners. That may be the only real disadvantage of this highly functional product.

If you would like to buy a lightweight, practically-constructed and functional vacuum cleaner, Oreck’s vacuum should be among your options. It’s inexpensive and does its job well, not to mention it’s among the best vacuums available in terms of ease of use.

4.Hoover SH40070

The WindTunnel SH40070 may not have the premium features of the high-end vacuum that cost 500 or more dollars but it performs almost as well at any of those hih ends vacuums.

Featuring a 12 amp motor that has enough suction to clean both bare floor and carpet. This power is augmented by a motorized brush roll that can be turned on and off. This is a great feature to have if your home has expensive hardwood in it.

It also provides a foot control to turn on the machine and for the cord rewind. The motorized brush can be turned on and off using the switch located on the handle.

This vacuum comes with 2 different options for cleaning bare floor surfaces.The first one would be using the main floor attachment that has a motorized brush (which you can turn off) which would be great for normal cleaning on surfaces like hardwood or tiled flooring.

The second option would be using the hard floor brush attachment that has soft bristles which are optimal to use when you want to clean a really dusty area (e.g. under the bed).

The main floor tool can be swiveled so this will be easy to maneuver.

5.Black + Decker BDH2020FLFH

Just in case you’re looking for a cordless handheld, the Black & Decker BDH2020FLFH is one of the best choices out there. It comes with all the attachments that you need from a handheld.

Not only that, they also added a stick vacuum floor head which allows floor cleaning without bending.

It is also very useful for pet owners that can appreciate the unique design of the pet hair cleaning tool. It uses a rubberized ribbed head that works great on upholstery. Cleaning pet hair on your sofa or car interior will not be a problem anymore with this handheld.The default tool attached is the combo crevice and brush tool that will work well in vents and tight areas.

It also has a detachable hose that extends the reach. And it doesn’t require consumers to constantly hold the body. You can leave the body on the floor and take advantage of the 4-foot reach of the hose to dig in on fabric upholstery.

This variant with the stick vacuum floor head is more expensive compared to the BDH2020FL. But that’s a good investment if you’re planning on using this to clean high traffic areas.

The 20-volt lithium ion battery will run for 15 minutes which means this will only work as a spot cleaning tool. You’ll appreciate this feature when you just need to clean up spilled chips or dust bunnies accumulated in your bathroom’s ceiling vent.

Bringing out a heavy corded vacuum is the last thing on your mind when cleaning up small messes. That’s why these cordless vacuums are a great tool to have in your home.

How to Choose a Vacuum for Less than $200

 It can be difficult to choose the best vacuum for cleaning your home or office, especially if you are restrained by the confines of a tight budget. With constant improvements in cleaning technology, affordable plastic knock-off products, and frequent advertising almost everywhere, how can you be convinced on wich is the best vacuum? This article has arrived to assist you when thinking about the very best cheap vacuums using a budget of $200 or less, showcasing important features to consider in vacuums along with what to think about beforehand. Listed here is a selection of the biggest considerations when choosing a vacuum:

  • Type. The type of vacuum you want to buy is probably the most important factor. Uprights are popular in the US, and the best models can quickly clean large areas of the floor. Cylinder models are also common and often have a large dust capacity. While these are the two most common options, handheld and cordless models can provide greater convenience at the expense of suction power and require a battery.
  • Suction Power.The better suction power a vacuum cleaner has, the more dust, dirt and also other debris it may get rid of your carpets and rugs. Even though suction power should not be an issue for a vacuum in the £100-£200 price range, it is essential to read reviews to discover the way a model performs.
  • Bagless or Bagged. While a lot of folks will prefer bagless models, especially because don’t need to spend money buying new bags, they are usually less suitable for people with allergies.

These are three of the most important considerations – but they are far from the only factors when choosing. Other Things to Consider are the following:.

Things to Consider Before buying a vacuum cleaner for less than $200

Short Term Vs. Long-Term 

Probably the reason you are searching for a vacuum cleaner under $200 is that you simply want to cut back on expenses and simply cannot pay for more than that. It’s actually worth noting that while you’re spending $200 or less now, some vacuums need maintenance expenses, like buying replacement bags or filters. You don’t want to get these when you have a restricted monthly budget, so be sure you understand this upfront before buying your future vacuum. If not, you might find yourself way beyond your $200 budget!

Durability & The Warranty

This raises our next factor in regards to the vacuum cleaner’s life-span. Just how long will it last and does it require constant maintenance to keep it working? Generally, a warranty is an excellent sign of how long a product will last for, as producers will substitute faulty vacuums within a certain time frame and don’t want to be accountable for models past their prime, naturally. Search for warranties in vacuums that fit your long-term budget, just in case it breaks or cracks after that time.

Gravity, Weight & Orientation

A feature of a vacuum cleaner which may be forgotten is how much they weigh and in what way the weight is distributed for simplicity of motion. Upright cleaners tend to be the most popular vacuums for almost all people, all of the weight is centered at the base and/or distributed throughout their often slim designs. At times non-upright canister vacuums are much better equipped to working with hardwood floors, but in the long run, uprights supply the best maneuverability. Examine the weight of the vacuum and judge if it suits your needs. People with back problems, the elderly or that are not as fit as they’d like to be will have to think about this carefully indeed.

Floor Type

The kind of floors supposed to be cleaned from your budget vacuum will also have an effect on what you buy. Not every models just clean each and every surface plus some are designed particularly with carpets as the primary goal or a specific flooring. For those who have mainly hard flooring, like tiles and wood, you’ll want to buy a device which has wheels or rollers that do not scratch the floor! Carpets need wheels with less traction and based on the texture of the carpet, a vacuum head with a brush tool will be desirable. Carpets tend to be more heavy duty and will certainly require stronger suction power than bare flooring.

Top Features That Make Budget Cleaners A Perfect match

  • HEPA Filtration Systems – this stands for a High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filtration System and it is an advanced feature that carries on throughout to the top level vacuums. Try to find models that have several compartments for their HEPA filtration systems and you’ll have discovered something worthy of at least twice your budget! It cleans 99.97% of particles down to .3 microns.
  • Turbo or 100% Sealed Suction – This feature refers to suction power. The ability to seal itself when gets in contact with the floor are the basic mechanism behind a vacuum cleaner, creating a vacuum to suck up dander. If it seals fully or is turbo powered, the suction ought to be much better.
  • Brush Attachments – these will change the hole performance and will add much value to your vacuum cleaner, enabling you to clean inside all those hard to reach spaces and crannies. Brushes are particularly useful if you have animals that shed lots of hair or have thickly carpeted segments of your property.
  • Motorized Attachments – This will transforms your vacuum into a cleaning machine, able to easily suck up dust from places that you can’t reach. Some vacuums come with a handheld mini cleaners that are excellent for small messes on the spot and others have motorized attachments with wands, allowing you to just simply suck up dust that would otherwise live happily on the ceiling.


Price is an important factor when making any purchase, but just because you are shopping on a budget does not mean you need to have a vacuum that is not up to the job.

There are some outstanding vacuums available for under $200, and we’ve listed five of the highest rated in this article. The best vacuum cleaners under $200 for you, however, depends on your requirements, but you can’t go far wrong with any of the models on this list.

If you have allergies and like something with a bag then Oreck is the best option. It will not wow you with features but when it comes to cleaning, it performs. And that’s what matters most.

For all-around cleaning performance, the Shark Navigator is probably the best option. It’s powerful, has a relatively large capacity and has been highly rated by buyers. If you’re set on getting an upright model, however, then the Hoover Linx is probably the best choice.