Finding the best handheld vacuum for stairs can definitely be an extraordinary addition to your cleaning routine. You can use it in those circumstances where there is no need for a standard vacuum cleaner or in those spots where a corded vacuum can’t go.

With the help of a handheld vacuum, you can easily manage all your small tasks without the need of your general vacuum out. Is going to be your new friendly tool that is going to take care of all those unexpected messes. You can also use it, for example, to get rid of small garbage and dirt off the carpeted stairs, a place where utilizing a standard vacuum is an errand in itself.

Handheld vacuum cleaners are ideal for rapid cleanups. They can get into any corner that may be challenging to reach using the standard vacuum cleaner. Making them perfect to utilize in different areas like inside your car or any outside cleaning without the need of an electrical connection. In those and similar circumstances, utilizing a handheld cleaner is substantially more secure than moving the overwhelming vacuum on the stairs.

Best Handheld Vacuum for Stairs – Different Uses

When you already have a full-size vacuum, you might ask why you need to also get handheld vacuums. Handheld vacuums cleaners have several uses, such as the ability to quickly and easily clean up chaotic messes in small areas. Below are a few typical extra uses for hand vacuum cleaners:

The Stairs

As we mention in the article we are reviewing the best handheld for stairs so our first use is without a doubt the Stairs!. In case you already try to vacuum the stairs you already know that is a pretty hard core task, even worst if you have more the one step on your stair! You can be forever cleaning the whole stair.

Maybe you can have a vacuum that comes with a hose but is never long enough to reach each stair. That implies that you need to carry an enormous vacuum up (or down) the stairs with you as you clean. Handheld vacuums are small and lightweight, making cleaning the stairs a breeze.

The Car

Handheld vacuum cleaners are easily transportable and you can use it on your car without any effort. You may even need to keep a handheld vacuum in the car forever because of its small size. Handheld vacuums are amazing at getting the dust below car seats, all over the dashboard and inside the storage compartment.

Pet Hair

Most people tend to buy handheld vacuums with the only purpose of cleaning up pet hair. If you have a pet at home you know how awful is having your cat or dog losing hair everywhere throughout the carpet and furniture, cleaning it up is even worts!. Pet hair can collect and wind up plainly tangled, making it difficult to expel from textures. Hand vacuum cleaners encourage the procedure. Some hand vacs are specifically made for cleaning up pet hair.

The Sofa

Having food on the couch has its own inconveniences. A variety of leftovers, dust and build up can blend in between couch pads and beneath cushion seats. A hand vacuum cleaner is one of the major equipment strong enough to deal with this cleaning task!

Small Spaces

Sick and tired of twisting around backward to clean up small areas, split and hole by using a large vacuum cleaner? This is when the handheld comes more than handy you can use it on any small area and hard to reach places.


The Recommended Handheld Vacuum Cleaners for Stairs

As you are here you are probably wondering what is the best handheld vacuum for stairs, so look no further because below we give you our top picks of 5 different handheld vacuums that are perfect for your stairs! 

If you ever tried to clean your stairs using a standard vacuum cleaner, you know how difficult it is to get into every corner or drag a heavy device up and down your staircase. These models will help you reach each one of your steps and make you feel like is not a duty any longer so you can make your stairs cleaning a breeze instead of a pain!


This little powerhouse is the last generation of dustbusters out there, although with much more strength, power and utility. It can reach all your diferent areas and features a slim nozzle that rotates and targets dirt hidden in out of the way spaces.

Ergonomically designed, it is among the favorites on Amazon. It is actually sleek tapering to a point. This enables it to gain access to tight areas with no trouble. This best handheld vacuum for stairs includes a lithium ion battery that holds a charge for at least a year. It really is powerful, cleans thoroughly, and is able to clean at any angle.

When you use the battery for quick cleanups it will last for up to 18 months. The unit itself has an intelligence charging system that ensures long battery life as well as letting this unit be “Green” as well. You’ll use 50% less energy, which translates to a little over 15 W at 16 volts maximum draw.

This kind of battery pack charges around 5 times quicker than the NiCd. One extra benefit is that there’s no “charge memory” which means that the battery doesn’t charge up to where it was previously charged. Tackle stairs easily and quickly using this powerhouse and never be worried about particles below your feet once you are done.

In addition, you have Black & Decker’s well-known high quality and additionally a two-year limited warranty that provides you peace of mind knowing you’ll have a handheld vacuum which will be around at any given time.

The Dustbuster is perfect for getting in between cushions. It’s also outstanding when performing the crease in between step and riser in your stairs. If you wish to get pet hair off your furniture, the cyclonic suction whisks it inside like magic. It charges fast and waits patiently until you need it to clean up a mess, around Kitty boxes, and pet feeding areas.

The dustbin removes simply and empties quickly. So, whenever you need to keep the living room, kitchen and bedrooms really clean and your home ready for visitors. The Black & Decker CHV is the portable vac you need.


  • This Black & Decker vacuum has more energy than any of the previous Dustbusters in the past. This means that it will clean longer and keep its charge far longer than ever before
  • Cleans pet fur and dander off the furniture better than any other Dustbuster on the market


  • Shor time of running ( no more than 10 mins)
  • Clean the filters, or you wouldn’t get the best out of this vac.


2.Dirt Devil SD20005RED Scorpion

If you are searching for something cost-effective that also does a fantastic job, think about the Dirt Devil. Consumers always claim that in no way they will buy another vacuum. Featuring 7 AMPs of power and its Quick Flick crevice tool is without a doubt an amazing vacuum.

But there are more benefits of the Dirt Devil. First, it is extremely light in weight – only 3.8 pounds.  And you can get a 3-year warranty only for 5.99!  And, although the Dirt Devil has the Quick Flip crevice tool, the vacuum includes yet another, much more narrow, crevice tool as an attachment, together with two sizes of hoses, plus a pet hair brush. This vacuum is ideal for cleaning furniture and handling small tight spaces

Here are the facts usually a full-blown vacuum cleaner is way too much effort to work with. For this reason using the scorpion’s design, you have the perfect tool for light touch up vacuuming. It can go anywhere you would like such as stairways. Using its 16-foot power cord, it will make short work of the hard to get nooks crannies. However, make no mistake this is no featherweight vacuum. Its powerful 7-amp motor will suck up not just stuff like dirt, but additionally animal hair, dirt, and debris.

Cleaning it is just a breeze since it breaks down into component pieces and as well is very simple to dump into your trash bin. Its ergonomic handle, which gives it its name, makes this vacuum cleaner highly maneuverable and a piece of cake to work with. On top of that, its fantastic red color makes it appealing and you could let it rest on the mantle since it matches with the decorum of most spaces. You will not need to worry about batteries running down or charging it back up. It’s always good to go anytime you want it.


  • It great for cleaning up hair from pets. It picks up the hair from anywhere in your home including furniture and pile carpeting
  • Cleans fast and you save time by not breaking out your canister vac.


  • Great for Litter but It could be quieter
  • It’s great for animal fur, but you will need to empty it more frequently.

3.Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum, 71B

Eureka EasyClean 71B is an extremely handy vacuum to completely clean stairs. It’s a small and extremely powerful vacuum with a great suction power and all sorts of tools necessary to clean the main areas of your house. This is a corded bagless handheld vacuum that includes 5.5 Amps of suction power. It is certainly one of the most powerful handheld vacuums out there.

The main one exclusive feature which makes it a great handheld vacuum for stairs is the Riser Visor. It’s a connected brush that was created to clean on a vertical surface. So, it can effortlessly reach the vertical area of the stairs, which happens to be impossible for almost all other vacuums available in the market. On top of that, it also features a hose with a crevice tool that allows you to reach the tiny corners of the stairs.

Besides using it for the stairs, it is very effective on pet hair and car seats. Overall this is a good value for money vacuum cleaner for light use.

The vacuum is extremely simple to use and the on/off brush roll switch is very responsive and quick. You will get 23-foot reach system and the cord is quite long (20 ft . long). You are not gonna be tangling in the cord since you can easily wrap it at the back of the vacuum. Connected once and do your whole living room from top to bottom.

The dustbin pops off straight away, and you never touch any dust since you dump it into the trash. It cleans stairs together with your furniture, curtains, and also your car. Your house will look spotless, and you are not going to get tired during the process.


  • Extra long cord let you cover an entire room with ease
  • It has the power you need to remove animal hair from almost any surface
  • Any flight of stairs can now be cleaner than you ever dreamed possible.
  • The vacuum is small, yet with a good suction power
  • The vacuum gets in tight places and has functional features


  • You can only pull it backward and not push it forward
  • Not designed to replace a canister vac.
  • The vacuum is a bit heavy, considering its size


4.Black+Decker BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum

The Black + Decker MAX Lithium Vacuum has a high-performance motor with cyclonic action to deliver truly powerful suction. It features a cool pivoting head function that makes it very easy to clean various areas simply.

Do not be confused by its looks, as small as it is, the vacuum is able to do a great job on the stairs. The 3-stage filtration system is effective and practical.

It features a practical pivot tool and brush set that is excellent for grabbing pet hair from furniture along with other upholstery. It’s cordless and bagless. With its lithium battery, you will get enough of a charge to really clean without having to worry about losing suction until you are done with cleaning.

The modern 20-volt lithium ion is a long lasting battery that requires 50% less time to charge compared to standard batteries.  This vacuum comes with an incredible foldable nozzle that allows cleaning the most challenging area to reach. The wide nozzle especially is very effective on stairs. Particularly if your stairs are carpeted, you’re going to love how easily it cleans it. Is one of the best handheld vacuums for carpeted stairs on our list. This device also incorporates pull-out crevice and brush tool. The wide mouth makes it simple to clean a large area in less time.

The vacuum doesn’t utilize a bag, so you’re able to simply pull off the dust cup and clean it. It offers 3 stages of filtration. Just pull off the pre-filter and filter fiver and clean it with soap and water for a long lasting usage.

This is an excellent choice if you are hunting for a good cordless vacuum for stairs. The price is very affordable and probably will suit your budget.


  • The vacuum is small, compact and runs quietly
  • The vacuum is powerful enough and efficient
  • The vacuum is highly portable and lightweight
  • The pivoting nozzle, the bag-less dirt bowl are great features also


  • If your stairs are carpeted or you own a pet, the vacuum might not be the best choice
  • The durability of the vacuum may be an issue

5.Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, Corded, 33A1

Bissell vacuum cleaners have been around since day one!. Now, like everything in the US they have specialized. One of the biggest problems that pet owners face today is the removal of pet her from the carpet and furniture. The Pet Hair Eraser is designed to get rid of all of your pet hair problems.

Now by having ‘Pet Hair Eraser’ in its name, the Bissell better be good! 

Well, based on pet homeowners, it rocks! The Bissell includes two nozzles, one rubber for cleaning furniture, 1 hard plastic for sucking up messes, like when there is cat litter all around the floor. It’s really a fantastic vacuum to clean upholstery.

The Bissell is bag-free and its container is effortlessly detachable along with its HEPA filter; they are both washable. It’s not cordless and comes along with 16 ft of cord.  A powerful little vacuum, a sucker for pet hair, you can get the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 33A1 here.

Featuring 4 Amps of power along with a unique rubber nozzle, it serves as a pet hair magnet. Additionally, it picks up various debris in places like your furniture, upholstery, and stairways. Its transparent dustbin informs you when it’s time to empty it out and with 16 feet of cord; you won’t ever need to bother about looking for a spot to plug in to clean a room.

Made to produce a whirlwind inside which divides the fur from the air as it draws it inside itself enables it to keep the ideal quantity of suction to perform the job. The device is light in weight and can be held in one hand. This lets you move easily across the room and also the rest of your home. You would spend much less time cleaning up after your pet(s) and a lot more time for you to enjoy them.


  • This is one of the best pet hair removal tools ever made
  • It is the best for removing pet hair from your upholstery no matter how large a couch you own
  • Works on suede, Naugahyde, microfiber, and cloth coverings, it gets the fur and leaves your furniture looking brand-new.


  • Even with the 16 cord it’s too short
  • It needs to be emptied pretty regularly.

Features we check to Find the Best Handheld Vacuum for Stairs

There are many factors that go into what makes one vacuum cleaner a great match to clean stairs. One important thing that you need to always remember when you’re buying a new vacuum is, if you want a machine that will be able to effectively clean your stairs, you have to buy one that can move around easily and precisely. A lot of people will frequently forget about this essential aspect and for that reason, end up fighting with their vacuum when they try to clean their stairway.

The two most crucial factor for a handheld vac is without a doubt performance and portability. Suction power is important, as well especially if you are trying to pull up stubborn dirt in crevices and corners, or pet hair that tends to stick to upholstery.

Portability concentrates on how simple it’s to transport around a compact vacuum while using it. Additionally, it examines convenience aspects, like the battery life and how heavy the machine is.

Along with the clear capabilities of pick-up and maneuverability, additionally, we considered design features that provide some handheld vacuums an advantage around the competition. For instance, products like the Hoover Air Cordless work with a HEPA filtration system which means they meet the quality of air standards established by the U.S. Department of Energy and remove 99.97 percent of dust particles and keep them from blowing back into the air during vacuuming.

Vacuuming Performance

We conducted numerous exams to find out how good each hand vacuum picks up a number of typical objects, such as cereal and wood particles. We rubbed pet hair into carpets and check how able where to pick up both dog and cat hair from upholstered types of furniture like sofas and chairs to help us decide which products had better suction.

To get the test even further we chek suction capabilities by putting screws in a flat-topped container and check the number of screws each and every device could maintain for 5 seconds. Those effective at holding more weight received higher marks for suction.

We also tested the sound levels that are generated by every single hand vacuum at the same time, which could impact the overall experience of vacuuming.


During the portability tests, we timed how much time the battery survived when fully charged. This is very important if you wish to deal with multiple messes or in case you have an unusually big mess, like dried leaves or cookie crumbs inside your car, that could call for additional cleaning time without the headache of needing to charge the battery again during the cleanup.

We weighed every portable vacuum to provide you with a good idea how awkward and exhausting it might turn out to be when using the vacuum. Additionally, we considered just how long it will take to charge all the battery-powered units. Those that charge faster scored better. The corded models received a lower score due to the fact you need to be near a plug to utilize them.


The vacuums we tested all come with attachments for getting into folds in furniture or corners in staircases more easily.The crevice tool is long and slim therefore it fits easier around the bottom of car seats which are attached to the car floor and more hard to vacuum around. The Black & Decker Dustbuster includes a crevice tool included in the main body design instead of being an individual add-on. In addition, it stretches to provide you with an extended spout, contributing to the maneuverability of the vacuum.

The brush tool is essential for loosening up stubborn dirt or dried-on messes from carpeting. Having a circular motion the brush tool will help remove dust from carpet threads while sucking them up into the canister simultaneously.

Adding a wide-mouth tool, such as the one included with the MetroVac Vac N Go, gives you the ability to vacuum a larger area with one pass rather than having to continually repeat smaller passes to get up the same amount of mess.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Vacuum Cleaner For Stairs

If you intend to get a vacuum cleaner for stairs after looking at the reviews then there are a few considerations to bear in mind prior to choosing a particular one.

To be able to buy a very good vacuum for stairs, you have to take into account the particular difficulties you experience when vacuuming them. Indeed, you face these difficulties at least one time per week, but then chances are you have not given them much thought beyond what a pain they can be. So, to assist you in the purchase, let us have a look at the initial factors to bear in mind.

  • Type of stairs: You need to determine the type of stairs you’ve got in your house prior to buying the best vacuum for stairs. For instance, for smaller stairs, you can use a handheld vacuum cleaner or vacuums that have a stick connected to the hose, for short staircases you can get a canister vacuum cleaner.
  • Power sockets:If you do not possess any electrical power close to your stairs then investing in a cordless and handheld vacuum cleaner might be a wise decision.
  • Usage: If you have a heavy usage or if you like to clean stairs every day then we would suggest you buy a vacuum cleaner with a heavy motor so that it can last longer.
  • The Size of the Vacuum: The issue here is that your stairs are a pretty narrow surface and you need your vacuum to easily and safely fit on them.
  • The Weight of the Vacuum: Vacuums are created to move easily when you are moving them around, but when you need to lug them up the stairs that’s when the weight becomes problematic. To prevent back pain and other possible injuries, lightweight vacuums are best suited to stairs.
  • The Corner Attachment: Vacuuming corners is definitely a problem since the debris and dirt will get inside and your standard hose attachment cannot get it out. But while many areas have only 4 corners, your stairs can be a massive number of corners. To effectively clean them, you will need devices with the proper angles or flexibility to get in there and get the dirt out.
  • The Surface of the Stairs: You will find not many vacuums which are just as efficient in all areas, meaning if you are looking for your vacuum, you should take into account the surface of your stairs and those in your entire house. For instance, the vacuum for shag carpet and the vacuum for hardwood floors are unlikely to be the same. If you can, it is advisable to buy a vacuum that is effective on all surfaces of your house, and if it’s not possible, you might have to buy two different vacuums.
  • The Life of the Battery: Some cordless vacuums will run out of battery down the middle of the work. The more steps you might have, the much more likely this can be to happen. And stopping your task to hold back around for the battery to charge is annoying. You will need to be sure the battery provides the required time


Remember that cleaning the stairs is not really a difficult job if you’ve got the proper type of vacuum cleaner.

Many of the best hand vacuum for stairs differed when it comes to power consumption. In most cases, you’ll need one which has enough power to get items like dust obviously, as well as small things on the heavier side like broken glass.

Examining your needs and understanding the features you must seek out while buying the best vacuum cleaner for stairs is step one. Next would be to do a little online survey and list a number of the worthy vacuum cleaners.

Hopefully we have by now assisted you with the second step by describing briefly the 5 best vacuum for stairs out there. We’ve also described their pros and cons so it will become simple for you to compare them. In the event you still face any issue while picking out the vacuum cleaner then you can certainly approach us and we will be happy to help you.