For many of us, our pets are a part of the family. We take care of them just as if they were our kids, and our children love them. They’re lifetime partners, ones who provide us happiness and unconditional love.

However, if we are being honest, there’s one problem that we also have to deal with and is when they lose their hair. Despite how hard we try, we cannot stop their fur from falling and sticking to the furniture and floors. The good news is, with this guide to the best handheld vacuum for pet hair, we can easily stop it from keeping around.

Let’s face it, our pets are a lot of fun but except if we had been very picky in regards to the breed, you have hair all over the place. In the air, around the carpet, the couch, it becomes bad enough that sometimes it appears to appear from nothing. It’s actually unpleasant, it sticks to clothes, and in some cases, you just had enough of it entirely.

The good news is, there are several vacuums on the market that will let us take care of the challenge with a small amount of effort. Regardless of where the hair is, we’ve definitely got the vacuum to suit your needs on our list.

Best Handheld Vacuum for Pet Hair Review

1. Dyson V6 Trigger Pro

Our first and top recommendation for a handheld vacuum for pet hair is the Dyson V6 Trigger Pro. Another winner from the Dyson amazing V6 selection, this is a powerful model that include a variety of handy tools. As you would assume coming from a Dyson vacuum, it’s not cheap, but it will make cleaning pet hair way quicker.

The Dyson digital motor is made to provide powerful suction which will outperform just about any vacuum and supply you with the most from your battery.

Spinning in a nearly unbelievable 110,000 RPM, this small beast gets the suction power to get rid of not only pet hair, but also the fine stubborn dust that penetrates deep into your carpets and upholstery. Once you combine this suction power with the mini motorized tool that is made to get rid of pet hair, you will get unmatched cleaning abilities.

With all of this power from a battery vacuum, it may seem that you will be compromising working time considering that the battery cannot keep up with the machine’s potential. This really is just the opposite, the Dyson V6 Top Dog features a strong battery that provides you around 20-minutes working time – a lot better than just about any cordless handheld vacuum.

The trigger switch ensures that the motor turns off immediately whenever you release it, further boosting your battery time. It comes with a max power mode which will increase the suction power for 6 min’s, providing you with incredibly powerful suction without losing unnecessary battery time.

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2. Vax Gator Pet H85-GA-P18

The second spot for the best handheld vacuum cleaners for pet hair is without a doubt the Vax Gator Pet H85-GA-P18. It is a lot cheaper compared to Dyson and has less suction power, but is fantastic for getting rid of hair on just about any surface. If you are seeking a handheld pet vacuum on a low cost, this is actually the one to get.

The 1st factor to notice about the Vax H85-GA-P18 is that it features a powered turbo tool. This is certainly unusual on a handheld vacuum and is probably the greatest reasons Gator Pet can be so efficient at cleaning pet hair. We are also big fans of the built-in crevice tool, as this really is ideal for stepping into tight spots.

Apart from its cleaning performance, the Vax is simple to use. The filter could be rapidly removed to clean, and that is essential for maintaining your vacuum in good shape. The dust canister, while relatively small just .3 liters, is additionally fast to empty.

You will find not many disadvantages for the Vax H85-GA-P18 Gator Pet. It’s affordable, powerful and does an amazing job with pet hair. It isn’t the most silent vacuum and also the turbo tool is hard to utilize at awkward angles, however for eliminating cat or dog hair there are hardly any better options.

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3. Gtech Multi MK2 K9

Probably the most popular cordless vacuums were the Gtech AirRam. While it’s since been replaced by the AirRam Mk2, the initial model was the main reason Gtech quickly became a household brand.

What lots of people don’t know is the fact that this company also produces an outstanding handheld vacuum known as the Multi – and the Gtech Multi MK2 K9 version is perfect for cleaning pet hair.

The Multi MK2 K9 was created to increase cleaning performance while reducing weight. It includes a 22V battery for a 20-minute run-time, together with an interior capacity of .4 liters. This is a bit smaller compared to Dyson however enough that you will not be emptying it every couple of minutes.

To produce a fast function for pet hair, the Multi K9 features a Power Brush Head tool. This provides extra cleaning power to eliminating persistent hair and dirt. Additionally, there is a flexible onboard hose to get into small areas. An added bonus would be that the vacuum has headlights, to help you illuminate anywhere you’ll want to clean.

An additional welcome feature on the K9 is definitely the scented filter tabs. These hide unpleasant pet smells to leave your house smelling clean and fresh. While we would prefer an activated charcoal filter, because these absorb smells as opposed to just hide them, the scented filter is really a good choice.

The main downside of the Gtech Multi MK2 K9 will be the price tag. It is a powerful vacuum that does a fantastic job on pet hair though, so we believe it truly is well worth the money.

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4. Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum, 71C

As being the cheapest handheld pet vacuum on this review, the Eureka EasyClean will get the attention of many readers. One of the reasons for this affordable price tag is that it’s actually a corded model – you will not have the exact same convenience that’s offered by battery-powered vacuums.

To comprise for the lack of flexibility by being without a battery, the Eureka EasyClean features a 20FT power cord providing you with an overall reach of 23FT – pretty outstanding for a corded vac. The main benefit of having a cord is it has much more power compared to cheap battery machines. A 5.5A motor generates suction power that matches perfectly with the more pricey models. The roller brush includes a separate motor so it can be changed on or off as required.

The roller brush is extremely good for picking up pet hair from any surface area plus the riser visor on the cleaning head indicates that it can adjust to cleaning vertically with visor up. In addition, it includes a crevice tool to clean into small areas.

The Eureka EasyClean weighs 4.8 LBS and is also really simple to use anywhere in your home or car. It’s actually a basic corded handheld vacuum that fits the demands of pet owners and comes at a very affordable price. Good build quality and 1-year warranty make this vacuum an extremely interesting offer.

5. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand Vacuum

This is another cheap option for those that are looking to get rid of those pet hairs but on a reasonable price tag. And this one comes with some pretty impressive features.

In contrast to its higher-priced brother, the Bissel Pet Hair Eraser features a motorized roller brush meaning you will need much less effort when getting rid of pet hair out of your carpets and furniture. Additionally, it comes with an upholstery brush that you simply do not get while using the Bissel Bolt. So why is this one cheaper then?

There is just one area in which the Bissel Pet Hair Eraser will not match up with the bolt – this is from the battery. The battery and charger make up quite a big part of the price tag on cordless machines. This unit runs on the Nickel-MH battery that will save on cost but does not stand up as well as the Lithium-ion battery on the more costly Bissel model. Using this one, you will receive a rated working time of 15 minutes.

Regardless of the slight compromise of a shorter working time, the Bissel Pet Hair Eraser is definitely worth its surprisingly low price tag. It provides the exact same 1-year warranty as the more costly model and it is definitely worth buying.

Besides the motorized brush, the Bissell includes a crevice tool, upholstery tool, and dual filtration system. Additionally, it comes with an easy-to-empty bin and is also relatively noiseless – particularly when compared to Dyson or Gtech.

If you’re searching for a small handheld vacuum cleaner to spot clean between regular cleans, the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is an excellent option. It is really a lot cheaper compared to Dyson, and it does a good job of picking up everything from dirt to hair. Additionally, it includes a much larger dust capacity (1.5 liters) compared to other choices on this list.

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What to Look for in a Handheld Pet Vacuum

Before we go any further, you need to decide whether a handheld vacuum is a right choice.

Handhelds master spot cleaning or tackling tricky areas, like stairs or over cabinets. The very best models also provide good suction power taking into consideration the small size of the appliance. If you want a vacuum for eliminating the worst of pet hair all around your home easily and quickly, then they are a fantastic option. Most are also relatively cheap.

The things they cannot do is compete with full-size uprights or even cordless vacuums in terms of cleaning overall performance. This really is in part because of size – handhelds will not have a very large floor head which implies it might take a while to completely clean large areas. Also, even though the suction power of the most effective handhelds is plenty to eliminate pet hair, they have difficulty with the roughest dirt along with other debris.

In case you are sure a handheld is really a right choice, here are a few factors to consider:

  • Corded or Cordless.Most handheld vacuums employ a cordless design. They operate on battery power, which is ideal for mobility and convenience but implies they typically only last 10-20 min’s prior to having to be charged up again. Vacuums with a cord are less maneuverable, but they are usually more powerful and run for as long as you’ll need them.Corded vacuums are usually more powerful but, especially with handhelds, can be quite a much bigger cumbersome to work with. If you simply need something for light duty around the sofas you may be best with getting a battery operated model.
  • Battery Life. If you choose to get a cordless vacuum, the battery run-time is one of the most important considerations. Having in mind that handheld models tend to have a much shorter runtime, so they are often only suitable for spot cleaning.
  • Cleaning Performance.It may sound evident, but be sure that the vacuum can suck up pet hair on many different areas. The efficiency of the vacuum won’t only rely on the suction power though. Factors for example whether it incorporates a powered brush bar, the shape of the nozzle and internal sealing all have an effect on whether a vacuum cleaner struggles with pet hair.
  • Weight. Most handhelds are light in weight, particularly when compared with full-size vacuums. There is, however, a difference between the lightest handhelds and the rest though. Deciding on a light model is particularly important if you want to clean areas higher than your head.
  • Capacity. Handheld vacuums generally have really small inner capacities. This can be a natural result of a light-weight and small design. Nevertheless, the larger the capacity the less you will have to empty the device, so be sure you take a look at this before buying.
  • Your Floor Type: Even when you are thinking about getting an upright vacuum to deal with the mess on the floor, remember that some options will manage diverse floor types better. This is especially important in case your pets have free reign of your home considering that the kitchen and halls will probably have different kinds of floors.
  • HEPA Filters: If you are allergic or have guests that suffer from airborne dander, then HEPA filters are a thing to watch out for.These will help reduce, although not entirely eliminate, a number of allergens in the house as they pick up the smaller particles.
  • Attachments: Check out the attachments properly, a few of them are actually just window dressing but others are totally necessary for the proper amount of pet hair management.
  • Budget: Pet hair vacuums start to get costly right away, but so can the deterioration of your furniture. When you’re running pretty tight, then you will surely want to be sure that you’re careful on how much you spend, however, if you have extra funds then the more expensive models are usually worth the cost. The cheapest handheld vacuums for pet hair cost as low as $50, while the more expensive (from brands like Dyson) can cost much more. A higher price doesn’t usually mean greater performance, but the more costly choices on the list above will certainly eliminate much more hair than cheaper options.

Benefits of a Handheld Vacuum For Pet Hair

Lots of people believe that a regular vacuum is more than enough to handle pet hairs but it’s just not. Pet hair is fine and gets stuck by itself in carpet fibers and sofa cushions; a standard vacuum cannot lift and remove them.

The reason behind this is due to the design of the vacuum itself. Frequently, they will use hose and brush mechanism. This sort of structure is ideal for the standard debris and dust inside our house. The brush will properly stir the dirt before the hose sucks it.

However, with pet hairs, it’s totally inadequate, because the spinning action will just drive away the fur rather than lifting it.

This is when a handheld vacuum for pet hair will become helpful. This type of vacuum utilizes a set of silicon brush, special attachments, along with other complex designs to ensure that all of the hairs are going to be eliminated completely. Additionally, a pet hair vacuum prevents the tangling of hairs into the brush and beater bar.

Finding The Best Handheld Vacuum for Pet Hair

Where to start when you are looking for a handheld device powerful enough to keep your house clean even from the furriest pets?

While there are lots of vacuums built with the process of collecting pet hair as the primary goal, not every device is produced equally. If you’re searching for a handheld vacuum up to the task of managing pet hair along with wooden floors, stairs etc., then getting a machine powerful yet flexible enough to complete the job is usually a bit of a chore.

Is a Handheld Vacuum The Right Choice?

Even if you’re successful in order to keep your pet off your furniture, their hair mysteriously continues to amazingly find its way onto the softest areas in your house leaving all of them with an apparently permanent layer of fuzz which can be extremely hard to eliminate. If you think the areas in which they don’t lay down are covered in fur, think about how thick a layer their pet beds, as well as your carpeted stairs, have accumulated! For these particular cumbersome corners, a light-weight, handheld vacuum might be the answer you were hoping to find.


While handhelds are growing a lot lately in terms of suction power and charge time they still aren’t as good as a corded cleaner. However, they actually do provide more flexibility for such things as cleaning your car. So previous to choosing the most significant questions, you have to consider while looking for a vacuum to remove pet hair are:

  • Is your home big or small?
  • Do you need to clean furniture, upholstery, and curtains?
  • Do you have mostly carpet or hard flooring?
  • How dirty do the areas you need to clean generally get?

Figuring out the answers to these questions will help you define your options when met with the large list of available models and brands on the market. But we also give you this extra features to help out with your final decision

Best Handheld Vacuum for Pet Hair – Features to Have in Mind 


Regardless of what you may think, suction is not really based on how much power your vacuum produces. The truth is, suction power consists of several factors such as the type of filter, the shape of the hose nozzle, and motor power. In addition, there are different technologies found in specific vacuums like Cyclonic suction, Windtunnel, and Root Cyclone that can improve suction.

It is best to worry about the amount of suction that your particular vacuum can produce simply because it’s not only an essential indicator of how well it’s going to grab dust and fur but of precisely how effectively the debris will transport into the body of the vacuum and be retained properly inside.


This is a discussion as old as vacuums themselves. Bagged vacuums are undisputedly greater at keeping dust securely inside the vacuum, however, this includes a price. The need to constantly replace the bags in your vacuum, that can really get expensive, particularly if you have longhaired pets and have to vacuum on a regular basis. Bagless vacuums, in contrast, make the perfect alternative if you’re not especially sensitive to pet dander. They simply need you to empty and clean the dirt canister as it fills up and you’ll never need to get another one.


The capacity of the machine you decide on has an effect on 2 things: weight and space. The amount dust your vacuum can hold previous to it should be emptied or the bag changed will establish how much of your home you are able to clean before you have to stop and empty the debris you’ve collected.

Vacuums with substantial capacities are perfect for houses that have pets that shed often or are large in size. In case you are particularly trying to find a vacuum that can manage a pet that sheds frequently, choose a vacuum with a large capacity created for picking up pet hair.

The downside of getting a vacuum which has a large capacity is the weight. Getting more room to accumulate dust and hair implies that the vacuum itself will need to be bigger which will cause it to weigh more. For that reason, when choosing how much capacity you would like, bear in mind just how much weight you are prepared to carry around.


Additional features and attachments are crucial when it comes to which vacuum to buy. When you are planning to fight a home filled with dog hair, you will need a vacuum that includes brush, crevice, and nozzle tools to make it simpler to get into those corners and spaces under furniture where dog hair accumulates.

You need to also think about a vacuum that can effortlessly transition from furniture to carpet to bare floors while maintaining suction and cleaning capabilities. Understanding your specific pet hair removal needs will help you select the right vacuum for your house rather than just another vacuum.

Look out for the following handy attachments:

  • Crevice tool – This tool will suck up dust and dirt from tight spots due to its thin, angled shape. Is great for beside sofa cushions, radiators, and along baseboards.
  • Upholstery tool – Clean your furniture and mattresses with its wide base and fabric strip designed to attract lint.
  • Beater Bar Brush or Brush Roll – This is generally fitted as standard in most uprights to give you a deep clean of your carpets but occasionally can be included as an attachment if the vacuum is intended for hardwood floors.
  • Extension tool – A telescopic wand-shaped tool designed to give you an easily handle tube with an extra reach that is especially great to get into corners, ceilings or behind appliances.
  • Dusting tool – This one is to brush areas that normally accumulate dust, such as bookcases, blinds, and windowsills.
  • Hardwood floor brush tool – This one is more than helpful when you trying to get rid of dust from wooden and tiled floors. Found in both canister and occasionally upright models.
  • Mattress tool – Specifically designed to suck up dust and debris from mattresses with a wide base and textured pads.
  • Ceiling fan / blind tool – Angled like a putter, this tackles the dust and grime on your fans and blinds.


In case you have a pet that covers your home in hair, a handheld vacuum is usually a great tool to keep hair in order. However, most handheld vacs do not have the suction power or cleaning performance to tackle stubborn hair – therefore it is important to select one which has been created for this job.

Our top pick for a handheld pet vacuum will be the outstanding Dyson V6 Trigger Pro. It is not cheap but is by far the most efficient handheld for removing hair. If you don’t want to spend the higher expense of the Trigger Pro, the Vax Gator Pet H85-GA-P18 is a great (and cheaper) alternative.

Well, we’ve gone over with you the various tools that will help you to win the war on shedded fur. Will no longer your floor and sofa have to be casualties to unnecessary fluff and hair. With any one of these vacuums, you will have the ability to make a serious dent in things and you will probably just have discovered the ultimate way to maintain your house clean.