Are you fed up with using a heavy corded vacuum to clean up pet hair? For keeping a hair-free household, cordless models are much handier – as long as they provide the cleaning functionality to deal with dog or cat hair. To help you choose, we’ve listed the best cordless vacuum cleaners for pet hair below.

Cats and dogs are the best pets to live at home and are wonderful companions, however, they don’t make it easy to maintain your home clean! Apart from bringing dirt, leaves, and who knows what else inside the house, in addition, they cover your floors and furniture with hair.

Cats and dogs lose various quantities of hair, all pet owners need a high-quality vacuum cleaner. The proper cleaner will make it fast and simple to get rid of hairs tangled in carpet fibers or stuck on upholstery.

The issue is that a lot of pets shed continuously. For the most severe offenders, owners might need to vacuum many times every week, and even each day. This really is time-consuming – particularly if you might have a bulky upright vacuum.

For this reason, cordless vacuums for cat and dog hair are rising in popularity. These practical cord-free vacuums are ideal for whipping around your house to eliminate hair, dirt, and dust. The lack of a cord and light-weight design ensures they are also ideal for spot cleaning.

But what are the very best cord-less cat and dog vacuum cleaners? And what features should you consider when choosing? Let’s find out.

Best Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair – Table

Model Battery Power Price Rating

          Dyson V8

Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless HEPA Vacuum Cleaner + Fluffy Soft Roller and Direct Drive Cleaner Head + Wand Set + Mini Motorized Tool + Dusting Brush + Docking Station + Combination Tool + Crevice Tool

   21.6V   115AW  $$$$



Image result for rating stars 4.2

      Hoover Linx 

    18 V




   $$       4.5/5

Image result for rating stars 4.2

               Dyson V6


100 AW   $$$       4.4/5

Image result for rating stars 4.2

   Hoover Air Cordless 





   $     4.4/5

Image result for rating stars 4.2

          Roomba 980 







$$$$     4.7/5

Image result for rating stars 4.2





  25 air


  $    4.6/5

Image result for rating stars 4.2

What to Look for in a Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair 

Prior to getting on the suggestions, you’ll want to know what to consider when selecting a pet vacuum. The most important things to consider include:

  • Cleaning Performance. The main factor when selecting a pet vacuum is its cleaning performance. While the effectiveness of the machine on the type of floor you have is the priority, don’t forget the tools and accessories offered with the vacuum. A high-quality pet hair attachment could make the difference between easy cleaning and an annoying experience. Also, be sure that the brush bar can easily be de-tangled – particularly if your pet has long hair!
  • Floor Type Performance. Not every vacuum perform the exact same on hard floors, laminate, and carpets. Some are all-rounders, however, many are superior to one type than the others. As we mentioned before don’t forget to take into consideration the types of floor in your house when selecting.
  • Stair Cleaning. Stairs can be a nightmare to clean with a traditional upright vacuum cleaner – especially if they’re frequently covered with pet hair. This is definitely an area that cord-less vacuums frequently stand out since they are light-weight as well as simple to carry up the stairs. Not every cordless model is appropriate, however, so if you have stairs be sure you pick one with all the tools and mobility to manage it. Additionally, take a look at our page of the best vacuums for stair cleaning.
  • Effective Filtration. Pet dander is probably the most typical airborne allergens. If you have problems with a pet allergy, selecting a cordless vacuum with an efficient filter is vital. Remember that cordless vacuums typically are not as suitable for those who have allergies, primarily because of their bagless design. The cordless models with the best filters release far fewer allergens during a cleaning session though.
  • Battery Run-Time. Probably the most essential factors when choosing a cordless vacuum may be the battery run-time. This may vary from under Ten minutes as much as one hour, depending on the model. The run-time you’ll need will depend on how you would like to make use of the device. For spot cleaning, a battery that lasts 15 mins might be more than enough. If you would like to clean the entire house without recharging, however, then you will want a much longer run-time.

Things to Consider When Deciding on What Vacuum to Buy

With a number of vacuums and different brands available, deciding on the best product to suit your needs is definitely a confusing affair. There are particular factors that you have to evaluate prior to selecting the right vacuum cleaner.  Here are several elements which you should think of to make sure you get the best vacuum for pet hair that will meet your cleaning needs:

Canister Vs Upright Vacuums, or Both?

These are typically two terms you are going to come across a lot when looking for your vacuums. So what exactly is the real difference between the two types?


Canister vacuums are the ones that have a wheeled body that is pulled behind you using a long hose, will usually provide much more versatility and maneuverability using the separate hose allowing customers to reach clean under couches and tables.

The downsides might be getting less control of the canister knocking into walls and furniture while you pull it along behind you.

In case of the upright vacuum cleaners the ones with the suction head and canister in one device. Users like the compactness of these units and state they are much easier to store.  The higher priced models also include a telescoping hose to help you reach under coffee tables and go up the stairs.

With regards to the cleaning action, the overall performance is generally the same and definitely will depend on the model you end up getting.

What you decide on is thus pretty much determined by your individual preferences.

Bag Vs Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

This can be another complicating factor with regards to selecting vacuum cleaners. A vacuum which has a bag can keep the dust and dirt in and you’ll have to buy a package of bags when buying the vacuum. The bagless vacuum, in contrast, can save you the hassle of having to buy bags for the cleaner. Retrieving things such as earrings is usually easier using the bagless vacuums.

The HEPA Air Quality Feature

The HEPA feature is definitely an important quality and several current vacuums already have this. They are going to remove the air particles in your home leaving your house with a clean breathable air that is clear of allergens. The HEPA(High-efficiency particulate air) is normally replaced on a regular basis depending on the manufacturer’s suggestion. You’ll also find it in the canister vacuums. The mode of attachment should be an essential thing to consider to make sure you have a hassle-free operation.

The Power and the Performance of the Vacuum Cleaner

The suction power is definitely an essential point but how can you measure this? Does higher amperage normally mean better performance? This is really far from the truth. Higher amperage, wattage or voltage does not necessarily mean better efficiency. When selecting your vacuum, concentrate on the suction power abilities as well as other features such that can make the cleaning simpler. These do differ from one manufacturer to another.

Consider the Areas That You Will Be Cleaning

The area of use is also a major factor. You might purchase a vacuum for light applications like cleaning the car or couches which will require smaller lighter significantly less powerful cleaners. For heavier programs like the cleaning of your entire home, you’ll definitely require more powerful vacuums with higher suction power like hardwood pet hair vacuums. Any homeowner will confirm that finding the right vacuum for pet hair isn’t the easiest of duties but by including these issues to consider, you could make simpler the hunting process and have the vacuum which will suit your specific needs.

Why do Vacuums Struggle with Hair?

Pet hair presents an especially challenging problem to several vacuums. If you have ever pushed around a vacuum cleaner for 20 min’s and then realize that your carpet remains covered with hairs, you may know already this! Considering 40% of US households have some type of pet, this is an issue that a lot of folks face.

However, hair may become ground into carpets when we walk on them. As soon as hairs become tangled around fibers, they’re hard to eliminate through suction alone. For this reason, pet vacuums will often have a motorized tool that agitates carpet fibers.

Getting rid of hair from hard floors is normally much easier than carpets. Some models have a tendency to push hair around instead of sucking it up though. When looking for the best cordless vacuum for pet hair, be sure to select a model that’s appropriate for the type of floors you have in your home.

How to Choose best cordless vacuum for pet hair?

One thing to look for is often a pet hair tool and every single supplier are going to have their own design.The most typical tool for this is usually a motorized brush that “sweeps” up pet hair.

Others companies will make use of agitation, Black & Decker makes use of this in one of their handheld models.

One disadvantage that agitation has over a beater bar will be the time required for upkeep. You would have to take off the motorized brush and take off dander and hair accumulate. This tends to take some time, however, these tools are much more effective so there’s a give and take here.

Handhelds are ideal for furniture and stairs. However, if you also need it to clean floors then we suggest something with detachable tools.A case in point will be a Dyson V8 or any one of the V6 series that is included with detachable wands that change it from handheld to stick.

Best Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair – Review

1.Best Overall Dyson V8 Absolute

Dyson is convinced that cordless vacuums will be the future, whether handheld or robotic, but battery technologies have been the fundamental sticking point. The most recent V8 cordless states to last two times as long and to be capable of totally replace a corded vacuum.

The Dyson V8 is the most recent in a long line of handheld vacuums, which started out in 2007. Ever since then, they have developed into much more powerful, along with improved energy-efficiency and batteries, they last more in between charges. They have also obtained floor tools and wands to make them full vacuum-cleaner substitutes.

The major change among the V8 and last year’s V6 would be that the new Dyson cordless states to last for about 40 min’s battery lifespan. Will it be finally enough to clean the entire house?

The V8 is definitely an evolution from the V6 and at a quick look, you can mistake them for identical twins. Yet, take a close look and the V8 and all of its tools have undergone subtle however considerable upgrades.

The battery pack is a bit chunkier and it has a greater capacity, the bin diameter is a bit larger plus the rear twist-to-remove filter is a little bigger. The V6 had its maximum power switch in the middle of the filter housing, however, this has moved to a much more practical slide switch on top of the V8.

The handle and trigger remain positioned between the motor housing and battery pack, lending it near-perfect balance in the hand. The new kid weighs nearly 300g more than the original – 1,576g vs 1,296g on our scales – but you won’t notice it in use.

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The most important design adjust is practically undetectable on the surface and that’s the way the bin is emptied. On the V6, a slide-clip released the base of the canister, but debris like matted hair did occasionally need some support to fall out – sometimes a thump on the top or poking using your finger. Not so the V8.

The V8 features a top clip that enables the central cyclone to pull up and away from the bin while the base flap at the same time opens. The net outcome is that any debris inside the bin is instantly thrown out from the base with no necessity for jiggery-pokery.

2. Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The Hoover Linx features a wind tunnel technology that also presents a Bagless Design. Presenting more than enough suction power for heavy duty performance like picking up pet hair and fine dust. The bagless design makes it easy to clean when the bin is full.

Another great feature is the battery that comes with an 18 Volt Lithium Ion Interchangeable. This power design permits you to exchange a fully charged battery in the event you run out of juice in the middle of a task.

The battery gauge lets you know just how much charge remains and if you have to top off shortly. The fade-free battery guarantees maximum efficiency every time. On top of that, the Energy Star charger results in shorter charging time.

Easy Stand Up Storage – This machine has an excellent slim profile, which allows for vertical storage. At 24.8 inches tall (a little over 2 feet), it can be stored comfortably in a maintenance closet or underneath the bed.

Lightweight and Easy to Maneuver – At 10 pounds, the Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is light and easy to handle. Its height can be easily adjusted, and can easily shift from hard surfaces (wood, tile, vinyl, linoleum, etc) to soft carpet.

Have you heard of the term “If ain’t broke why fix it”? This term applies to the Hoover Linx Stick.

It’s been in the marketplace for about Five years but continues to receive great reviews, especially from pet owners who appreciate how this stick vacuum picked up pet hair.

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This stick vacuum is effective at cleaning debris like cereal or pet food due to the fact it has an opening in the middle that funnels these kinds of dirt into the brush roll.

That very same brush roll performs very well on areas like hardwood and low/medium pile carpet. CNET performed a controlled lab test and revealed the fact that Linx managed to pick up 100% of pet hair on these types of surface. It also outperformed more costly models like the Dyson V6 Absolute.

On the list of mid-level stick alternatives right here is the top in cleaning diverse surfaces.


3. Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

with a very Sleek and Lightweight Body, this vacuums wight only 4.6 pounds, which makes it one of the lightest hand-held cleaners on the market currently. Its body is also very thin so cleaning turns into way less of a burden.

Designed with a Digital Dyson V6 Motor – The suction power of this appliance is just as much as you can expect from a standard vacuum. In spite of its small dimension, it’s very effective at picking up pet hair, dust, and minute particles that simple dusting or wiping often miss.

Dyson V6 Animal Technology – As suggested by its name, is basically intended to be useful for cleaning after pet shedding. Along with the V6 motor, it’s also equipped with 2 Tier radial cyclones that offer much better suction power, along with a carbon fiber cleaner head technology that pushes the bristles more deeply into your carpet so it doesn’t overlook anything at all.

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Regardless of which vacuum cleaner you choose, you will have a capable machine that can pick up after your pets effectively. It all boils down to your specific needs and how much money you are willing to spend to keep your home spotless.

4. Hoover Air Cordless Bagless Handheld Vacuum BH52160PC

Bagless Design as opposed to most run-of-the-mill cleaners available in the market, the Hoover Air Handheld Cordless Vacuum comes with technology that improves suction power, which makes it extremely effective in picking up pet hair. On top of that, because it does not have a bag, the post-vacuuming clean-up is effortless. Just empty the dust cup and the vacuum is prepared for work again.

Lightweight and Highly Portable- At just a little below 6 pounds, this appliance is very portable and easy to move throughout the house. Storing the device is additionally simpler since it doesn’t need much space.

Hot-Swapping Battery Design- For challenging cleaning that will last for a couple of hours, you can actually swap an extra battery once the power finishes. This hot swapping design was created to enable you to keep on cleaning the entire household without needing to stop and refill the battery. On top of that, the Lithium Ion battery provided had no fade, therefore, it provides full power whenever you need it. 15 mins run time. 9 hour charge time.

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The Hoover Air Cordless Hand Vacuum is designed to switch from hardwood floors/vinyl to carpet with just a flick of a switch. With the low profile base, it can also tackle hard to reach areas (underside of furniture) without you having to bend over.

5.iRobot Roomba 980

The Roomba has become the famous robotic vacuum cleaner. The model 980 incorporates fixes to the majority of the weaknesses of the previous models, for instance iAdapt navigation that lets it navigate throughout the house to clean the entire home rather than bouncing around randomly. Note that you’ll require wi-fi for this and the app to operate, and you will have to configure the Roomba using the app before you could make use of the app to manage the robot vacuum.

It knows to return to recharge which enables it to navigate back to where it left off, even though it still cannot empty its own dirt cup. The recharge and return function is not supplied by the Roomba 880. The multi-room navigation feature is only available with this vacuum, the Roomba 980, and the 880 model. At a little under four inches tall, it is less likely to get stuck in the recliner and can better find its way out from under the dining room table.

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You are able to established cleaning daily schedules by using the app in this vacuum. The model 980 Roomba does a greater job of sucking up fine dander and pet hair than its forerunners. And in contrast to the versions 5 years ago, long pet hair and string is way less inclined to tangle the vacuum brush so that it is unable to do its job.

The tangle-free extractor is only accessible in the models 870, 880 and 980. This is among the best pet hair vacuums which will continue to be a favorite for the year 2017 among the list of a significantly competitive arena of robotic vacuum cleaners.

6. Black and Decker BDH2000FL 20-volt

An unexpected choose, however, it is difficult to disregard the features which make this one of the greatest vacuums for pet hair.

It works with a special round shaped pet tool that consumer’s say is great for cleaning pet hair. Add the 4-foot flexible hose you’ve got a flexible cleaner which will thoroughly clean just about any nook and cranny.

Note: Black & Decker has an enhanced version of this named the BDH2020FL. It provides the exact same features as the BDH2000FL however with a little more power in addition to a larger bin.

If you want the additional reach or clean small areas within the kitchen area or living room then the BDH2020FLFH will be a wise decision since it has an extension wand. However, this will still only work on a bare floor.

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Both of these features by itself are sufficient to bolt this to the number one position here.

It utilizes a lithium-ion battery so there are minimum fading and memory loss, and it charges up in just 5 hrs. The runtime will be about 15-30 min’s which can be sufficient for spot cleanups.

Bottom line: This lightweight cordless is ideal for taking care of small mess due to its lightweight design. The flexible hose and pet hair tool assist you to truly agitate tough pet hair messes on furniture, yes even inside cars. If you are searching for a vacuum which will clean up small messes throughout the house then your search is over.


These vacuums will help you clean up small pet hair messes before it piles up into a huge furball.

The Black & Decker BDH2000FL would be the best portable option because of the hose and pet hair tool that allows you to really dig in and scrub fabric upholstery.

Hoover Linx is a superb choice if you are just searching for a floor cleaning tool – bare floor or carpet. Despite the old tech NiCad battery and limited runtime, it does an excellent job and has been a best selling stick vacuum for years.

If money were no problem and also you value cleaning performance over everything else, without doubt, the best option will be the Dyson V8.

Remember that Dyson has around 10 variants in their V6 product line and you can select one based on what your need is.

But if Dyson is too expensive then go with the Hoover Cruise. It’s got a similar blueprint as a Dyson so it brings in the same level of versatility but only with less power and refinement. But it costs much less.

The Hoover Air is the cheapest option here at less than $100.