On our Best Affordable Vacuum guide, you will find the best inexpensive vacuum on the market today.

In the Best Vacuum Lab, we know how important vacuum cleaners are in our lives and cleaning routines. Without one, carpets and rugs would remain filthy and full of hair, and even the hardwood floors will be lacking that extra sparkle.

Of course, vacuum cleaners can be quite expensive to buy as well, and not everyone wants to spend $500 dollars on a vacuum.

When the market gets to Wide!

Based on your needs, you may center on battery lifespan or vacuums that are created specifically for people with pets or allergy symptoms. Some vacuums also allow you to program cleanings up to many times per week to ensure the job will get done


A lot of models are available for sale, and they also come in different options. From upright, canister, stick to handheld types. As well some models feature disposable bags, other types come with reusable bins.

As we said before the models to go for and the configuration will depend on your needs.Having said that, in case you (or any family member) have asthma or allergies, you may think about High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) for health reasons. 

They come equipped with filters to remove and suck harmful allergies like dust, smoke, and mold from the air. In cases like this, you should think about investing more than 100 bucks, as safety comes first.

Finding a new, cheap vacuum which includes all the features for all of your cleaning needs can be quite a challenging job. But if you are here, I bet you would not want to buy a used vacuum. Used and low-cost vacuums can be found in many places (eBay, Craigslist).

But just how reliable do you think these may be?

Needless to say, the issue remains in terms of whether cheap vacuums are as effective as their highly-priced counterparts, and if so, what are best cheap vacuums to buy.

If you are on a budget, then our guide to the best vacuum cleaner under 100 is a must read. We review the top cheap (but still good) vacuums in the US market.

We explored many of the most popular designs on the market to make your choice much less complicated. To narrow down the field, we investigated expert viewpoints from review sites like The Sweethome, CNET, and Good Housekeeping. Next, we examined customer reviews to find out what buyers were saying with regards to the different features of every vacuum cleaner.

We notice that consumers look for different attributes in vacuums, so we analyze users’ observations on several features of top models, like their efficiency on the carpet and hard floors.

Best Inexpensive Vacuum List  – $150  $100  and $50 Dollars

Best Affordable Vacuum Under $150

1.Bissell 1646

This machine is really close to our price range but for a good reason. This is a powerful, light-weight vacuum where you will certainly feel like you’re having the most for the money. It is an upright vacuum and just weighs 17 pounds. It also has swivel steering, which only a few vacuum has, and makes it quite simple to maneuver in spite of its power.

The cable is 27 ft long so it will let you vacuum between several rooms or go cleaning a full stair easily. One more great feature about this vacuum is that it comes with a simple on/off switch that will help you to simply go between carpet and hardwood.

Most vacuums will have this ability, however, this vacuum is particularly flexible. It is a pet vacuum so it’s actually particularly designed so that you can easily pick-up pet hair throughout the house. Even when you don’t have any pets, you could still use that additional suction in your favor.

The edge to edge section is also an amazing feature since will provide a wider suction than a lot of other vacuums. It has one of the wider reaches of the vacuums on our list which means less time spent vacuuming for you!

This vacuum is bagless and also comes with a crevice tool and an extended reach tool. A lot of vacuums will come with an extended reach tool but not a crevice tool, so it is an extra plus that this one comes with both.


  • SuctionChannel Technology for Edge to Edge Suction
  • Pet Tools and Extension Hose
  • Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator Filter
  • Lightweight Design
  • 9X Multi Cyclonic
  • Swivel Steering

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Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright Vacuum, Champagne (NV42)
2.Shark Navigator Deluxe 

This is one of the most reliable and efficient vacuum available on these days. One big factor that can determine how much of a chore vacuuming actually is, is how easy it is to maneuver. The Shark Navigator Deluxe does an amazing job on the ease of use.

Featuring a swivel steering that gives you an excellent control around furniture and thighs corners. Its maneuverability is one the Shark’s main draw for a lot of people.

It’s also a really functional vacuum. Many vacuum cleaners that are effective on hardwood floors, might not be nearly as good on deep carpet. You can’t say the same for this vacuum since it will pick up all the dust in deep carpet and also hardwood floors.

Finally, the canister in this vacuum is bigger than a lot of the other models. Which needless to say means less emptying and much less time spent vacuuming for you! Not to mention, in addition, it features a clean, sleek look that will look really good in your house.

Overall, if you want a solid, machine that will vacuum on several different floors and you also need a vacuum that feels light and is also extremely simple to maneuver, strongly take into consideration the Shark Navigator Deluxe.


  • Never Loses Suction. Powerful cleaning from start to finish
  • Bottom-release dirt cup, pet hair pick-up system
  • Powerful and lightweight. Portable and versatile at only 15 pounds
  • Large-capacity, easy-to-empty dust cup. Extended cleaning without interruption.
  • Brushroll Shutoff. Deep carpet and gentle bare floor cleaning

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3.Hoover Vacuum Cleaner 

Let’s start by saying this is one of the better-looking vacuums on this bunch! Of course that this is not a really important factor but the reality is that the Hoover looks amazing! We love the color and the design and will definitely look good in your house. Okay, but what about performance?

One more upright vacuum from the trusted Hoover brand, this vacuum weighs 17 pounds and is really easy to maneuver. Besides being a really light machine it is still a very powerful vacuum.

A very helpful feature is the fact that rather than a hard-to-find switch when you need to switch from carpet to hardwood, there’s a really convenient button which make it quick and easy to make the switch.

Something really unique about this vacuum is the detachable canister! That allows you to get the best of both worlds you can have an upright and a cylinder vacuum at the same time.You are able to vacuum as you usually would, however when you want to clean the ceiling or someplace hard to reach, all you need to do is detach the canister! This especially is useful when you need to vacuum the stairs.

The Hoover Air Lift also offers a 30 ft. cord, which is the 2nd longest cord on the list. You can usually expect cord lengths of 22 to 27 ft, so anything above that is actually a bonus.

The only downside for this machine is that the canister is on the smaller side, so you will have to empty it more often than a typical vacuum. BUt you need to have in mind that since it is detachable, it kind of has to be small so it’s easier for you to carry.


  • Goes from an upright vacuum to a lift off canister for cleaning stairs, ceilings and hard-to-reach areas.Weight 17.1 Lbs
  • Blocks 99% of pet dander, dirt, dust and pollen particles from reentering the air
  • Instantly switches from carpet to hard floor cleaning with the touch of a button
  • Creates three channels of suction to lift and remove surface debris and deep down embedded dirt
  • Includes a 3-in-1 Pivoting Brush, Telescoping Wand, Crevice Tool, Turbo Tool and Pet Hair Tool

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Best Affordable Vacuum Under $100

1.Bissell 9595A

If there was just a single choice to find the best affordable vacuum, it will have to be the Bissell CleanView Upright Vacuum Cleaner. This machine is the #1 Best-Selling Upright Vacuum on Amazon!

Coming in under $75 but providing the exact same type of high efficiency and cleaning abilities as most of the several hundred dollar products, you are going to have the ability to get the best cost-effective use from the Bissell CleanView.

Because this is a lower-end item, don’t expect something modern and ergonomically designed out of the box. However, for what it is lacking in the fancy outfit, it more than compensates for with its efficient cleaning features.

If perhaps the one thing can probably be said concerning this machine is that it’s very powerful. From a large number of customers, most have praised the potential of the CleanView to suck up all of the dust and dirt you can throw at it.

Also is good to mention that doesn’t come with a hose detachment, meaning it will be harder to clean smaller or hard to reach areas. Moreover, this device is tiny so it’s best suited for an apartment or smaller home instead of a spacious house.

With that in mind, you cannot ask for a greater solution at this price tag. Together with a 2-year warranty, it’s actually pretty much a no-brainer.


  • Fast and easy cleaning in a lightweight vacuum with powerful suction and innovative brush design that cleans more.
  • Cyclonic System for long-lasting, powerful suction.
  • TurboBrush tool for stairs, furniture, upholstery, and more.
  • Innovative brush design rotates down into the carpet to clean more on the initial pass.
  • Easy Empty dirt tank, Multi-Level Filtration, and washable foam tank filter.

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BISSELL CleanView Plus Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum with Triple Action Brush, 1332 - Corded
2.BISSELL CleanView 

This one is like an extended version of the incredible Bissell CleanView 9595A. With an upgrade in suction, and a big leap towards the look.

This vacuum also comes with a killer look. If you are looking for a good looking vacuum beside the great features, this one is for you.

A vacuum cleaner with this sort of final touch and aesthetic look, simply mind blown. If you do not mind having to pay some few extra bucks to get a machine that is not going to only maintain your house cleaner but in addition, help make your visitor surged simply by watching it, Get it!!!

And what about the performance?

It is actually a lot more than effective at cleaning stairs, carpeted surface. An is really great when it comes to sucking pet hair, getting rid of little dirt as well the big chunks of dust.


  • 10 amp motor, powerful enough to provide a great suction.
  • A good filtration system, called multi-level filtration, specially designed to capture allergens. I would compare this with a standard HEPA.
  • A weight of 17.4 lbs.
  • Triple Action brush roll system – borrowing from Dyson’s brush roll builds, Bissell employs two types of bristles which in return increase the cleaning efficiency on carpets and rugs. However, as in the case of the previous unit from Hoover, you can’t power off the brush roll.
  • 25 ft. of a rewindable power cord (just like in the case of the UH70120)
  • 3 years of warranty

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BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L 16V Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum
3.BLACK+DECKER Hand Vacuum

The Black Decker CHV1410L maintains the trademark DustBuster design, although with a modern refresh. However, its design and style is just one reason behind its outstanding success story.

Light, portable and powerful, this lithium-ion battery powered hand vac is always prepared to rapidly handle household messes. Cyclonic action helps maintain its filter clean and suction powerful. Easy to use and easy to empty.

The biggest highlights from the Black Decker CHV1410L are its powerful suction and impressive battery technology. Other impressive features of this model are its lightweight, high-end performance, the simplicity of use, and low maintenance.

Together, with this exceptional features and much more make the CHV1410L having the number one ranking for being the best car vacuum currently on the market.


  • Always ready – holds a charge for up to 18 months
  • Smart Charge Technology uses up to 50% less energy
  • Cyclonic action helps to keep the filter clean and power strong
  • Long life, lightweight, and no memory effect
  • Rotating slim nozzle for a variety of applications
  • Lithium ion for long battery life and outstanding performance
  • Removable, washable bowl and filters for thorough cleaning
  • Translucent bagless dirt bowl easy to see dirt and empty
  • Less bending with on-board extension

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1. Dirt Devil Vacuum 

The Dirt Devil M084650 Dynamite Plus is the perfect solution for fast pickups and daily cleaning due to his compact size and lightweight.

You can do whatever you can think of with it, from carrying up and down the stairs, going after your pet while vacuuming or store in any place since is so light weighted (only 9 pounds). Take it anywhere or store it anywhere You want!

It also features an extremely strong suction power that lifts dirt within carpets and rugs. An original Scuff Guard traps dirt on hard types of any surface without scratching them.

The Automatic height adjustment makes it perfect for both carpet and hard floors.

The bagless design makes it simple to clean up and maintain. Having a 25 feet cord it is simple to clean your stairs and after that the sofa without the need of unplugging. It picks up extraordinary quantities of dust, dirt , food crumbs and hair on the carpets.


  • On-board tools
  • Easy to assemble – no tools required
  • Accessories included
  • Stretch Hose
  • 1-Year limited warranty

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Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Corded Handheld Vacuum, 47R51

2.Bissell Cleanview Deluxe 

Handheld vacuums that contain an electric cord in their design are usually much more powerful in comparison with one that works on batteries or goes back right into a wall charger when you are done. With the Bissell Cleanview Deluxe, you will get up to 18 feet of power cord, and it is just a 10”x5”x8” sized vacuum, and that is pretty good.

It features a curved transporting handle which includes the power switch on the end of the device to help you simply switch it on and off any time you begin or are done. The nozzle includes a rubber contour on it and contains a hose adapter, in addition. The hole is around 2 ft long, which is ideal for reaching underneath the couch as well as in smaller spaces.

You’re also receiving a wide-mouth tooth along with a tool to help you reach into cracks, it’s actually designed for crevices, so you can now retire your outdated hose vacuum cleaner that is too large to move generally anywhere.

This handheld vacuum features a powerful motor that totals as much as 4 amps, while still being a compact size and extremely light-weight.


  • Lightweight, handheld vacuum cleaner with powerful 4 amp motor
  • Rubber contour nozzle, hose-adapter nozzle, 2-foot hose, wide-mouth tool, and crevice tool included
  • Curved carrying handle with power switch on the end; 18-foot power cord
  • Easy-empty dust cup; Multi-Level filtration reduces household allergens
  • Measures 10 by 5 by 8 inches; 1-year limited warranty

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Best Affordable Vacuum – Buying Guide

What is the best type of vacuum cleaner?

There are two important choices to make right here. Primary, you have to choose from bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners; the second thing is, do you think you’re better off by having an upright or perhaps a cylinder vacuum? We will get to those in just a moment.

But there is one final choice – cordless vacuum cleaners. The wire-free advantage they provide is really a growing trend on the market, and definitely worth taking into consideration. Most are not as powerful as corded vacuum cleaners, however, they compensate for that with versatility and simplicity. Ridding yourself of the cable helps make spot cleans much simpler, so they are really a fantastic option if you have already a decent corded vacuum cleaner for tougher jobs.

Bagged vs Bagless – Which is best?


Dyson made popular bagless vacuum cleaners, but you will find obvious pros and cons to both types. The advantage of a bagless vacuum is no lack of suction power, or no less than a smaller reduction, as the cleaner fills up. Performance differs from brand to brand, based on the quality of their systems, but that’s exactly the real key of the selling point.

The challenge with bagless vacuum cleaners is that they can send dirt back to the room when emptied unless of course, you are careful. This is where bagged vacuums would be best, especially the self-sealing type utilized by manufacturers like Miele. A bagged vacuum cleaner is the best choice if you are an allergy person.

An additional advantage of bagless vacuums is basically that you do not have to buy bags, saving some cash in the long term. Nevertheless, most bagless cleaners should have their filters cleaned once per month approximately, meaning leaving them to dry for around A day. The only real exception is a few new Dysons, which are some of the first to get no filter whatsoever.

Upright vs Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners

The reality if you pick a cylinder or an upright vacuum cleaner will come down to the style of cleaner you prefer. Cylinder cleaners are normally easier to store, but pulling them around could become irritating. They are really not the ideal for those who have bad backs, often, because of you being required to bend down to pick them up.

A great upright will breeze around your floors with no trouble, and in addition, they typically have wider cleaning heads which cover a more substantial area in a single sweep. It might be challenging get below furniture by having an upright, however, many are made to avoid this challenge.

If you are not sure which one is best for you, ask someone for a vacuum and give it a try first.

How we test vacuum cleaners

Each and every vacuum within our round-up has been separately analyzed.

Regardless of whether your house is covered in lush carpets or wide wooden planks from long ago, selecting the most efficient vacuum cleaner for your specific needs can be quite a challenging task— especially if you are looking for the best affordable vacuum. Here are some categories you should consider as you shop:

Manoeuvrability –Here we evaluate how simple it’s to maneuver, pull and pick up the device. We analyze on carpets and hard floors and check out for complications like overbalancing on upright machines, flexibility and typical problems like “sticking” heads on hard floors because of inadequately designed cleaner heads.

Carpet cleaning –We test out working with white powder on black carpets and rugs and check after 3 sweeps, in which a single sweep is up and down through the area.

Noise – We evaluate how loud the device is in decibels recorded at head level. Children, nearby neighbors, and nervous domestic pets are good reasons to factor the volume of the vacuum in your final decision

Edge cleaning – This test examines just how well the device cleans up to the edge of skirting boards before you need to turn to professional crevice tools.

Hard floor cleaning – We perform very similar tests on hard floors and check out how good the vacuum cleaner sucks dust-up from crevices and gaps in flooring.

Pet hair cleaning – Here we test for how long and how many sweeps it takes to clean a 40cm-diameter circle of combed-in different animals hair.

Cleaning on stairs – We check for how easy it is to clean on stairs by using the tools that come together with the device. We put particular attention to how long the detachable hose as well at how easy it is to carry the vacuum cleaner in case you need it.

Weight – You can choose the best vacuum cleaner available, however, if you just can’t lift it easily, it’s just not gonna do you much good. Uprights are usually heavier and bulkier, therefore if you are likely to be transporting it along the stairs, you might want to choose a stick vac, like the Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106. If you do go with a cordless, its battery-life is short, so weigh the advantages and disadvantages while you weigh the vacuum.

Cleaning No one would like to create a big mess after they have finished cleaning, so it’s actually crucial that you take into account ease of cleaning the device when you are making your choice. Dumpable dust cups can help you save money on bags, but they are at times much more mess than they are worth.

Other details we check include the cord length on corded vacuum cleaners, the battery life on cordless models and how easy it is to empty bagless models.

What Else Is Important in Selecting a Budget Vacuum?

Accessories and Features


Each and every house has areas which are harder to clean up than others, whether it is high ceilings, those tight areas in between furniture or upholstery that may be almost always covered in pet hair. Budget vacuums won’t have as many add-ons as higher-priced products, however, the essentials should always be provided. For high ceilings, you should think about a vacuum with an extension wand. Upholstery and dusting brushes are essential for couches, other furniture, and blinds. A crevice tool can help you reach into tight corners and air vents.

Further, then this, the accessories need to be practical. The best affordable vacuum cleaners have onboard attachment housing, which means the attachments fit on the vacuum handle or base.

Some vacuums keep the accessories in an individual bag, which isn’t really the best option. In a hectic home, they generally tend to get lost. Along with convenient storage, vacuum accessories also need to be simple to attach to and detach from the hose.

Help and Support

Budget vacuums usually call for more assembly than higher-priced models. While assembly is generally uncomplicated, it is still extra work you need to consider doing before you could make use of your vacuum.

Therefore, when you have questions or come across an issue, getting support from your manufacturer is very important.

The very best budget vacuum manufacturers have customer support that’s accessible via several ways, like phone, e-mail and live chat. In addition, they provide extended hours. Whether it is the night time or perhaps a weekend, customer support will help you with set up, educate you on more details on features or assist you to solve any technical issues.

Last but not least, and above all, a good manufacturer warranty will give you peace of mind. Most manufacturers supply at the least a one-year warranty, however, the best budget vacuum manufacturers give you a warranty of 2 years or even more.

The Best Affordable Vacuums are ideal for many situations, no matter if you are starting out in a little space or desiring an additional vacuum for an individual floor so you don’t need to carry one up and down stairs. Sure, higher priced vacuums have specific features you will not get if you but one of the models in this list, but it’s not necessary to invest lots of money to obtain high-quality performance as long as you are prepared to give up a few extras.